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Europes Fastest Growing Tech Community

Ireland has a lot of unfair advantages. As the only English speaking country in the European union (post-Brexit), widely considered one of the best countries for business in the world, its no surprise that world leading technology companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have tens of thousands of employees in Ireland.

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In our 4th instalment of Startups and Venture Capital in … (Germany, The Nordics, & the UK) we take on the emerald isle. With Irish born world beating enterprise startups such as Intercom ($115m in funds raised), Fleetmatics (acquired for $2.4b) and Cartrawler (acquired for $500m) it is no longer a question of if great tech co’s are born in Ireland — but rather how big and fast can they grow.

The River Liffey, Dublin

It may surprise you to learn:

  • Ireland has engineering talent that rivals major European tech hubs, with 55k engineers in Dublin vs 61k in Stockholm or 81k in Berlin. Paypal, LinkedIn & AirBnB are just a few companies that count more employees in Dublin than in London.
  • US companies setting up offices in Europe are landing in Ireland earlier than ever before. Companies like Asana and Wrike are two recent examples of Series B-C startups setting up shop in Dublin.
  • A small domestic market means Irish tech co’s are largely selling into markets in the US or elsewhere. Companies like Intercom, Fenergo and Swrve count the USA as their largest market.
  • Trinity and University College Dublin (UCD) are among the highest ranking universities for venture capital backed entrepreneurs in Europe!

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