7 No-Nonsense Tips from Faiz That You Need to Succeed

Did you know that the Himalayas formed over the course of tens of millions of years? In fact, they’re still forming.

Anyway, while having mountain-like patience is beneficial, you don’t need tens of millions of years to reach the mountaintop of your career.

“Make learning and improving your primary focus. Growth will follow,” emphasizes Faiz, the Product and Pricing Director at Banglalink.

That’s some good perspective. During our talk with Faiz, we hear more real tips on achieving success.

Selfie with the product team

1. Do more than just cross the bridge

Are you a thinker or a doer?

When Faiz first came to Banglalink, he worked in market analysis and strategy. When the opportunity came to move to the product management department here, he took it.

“Working in strategy helped me think in big picture terms. What attracted me to product management is the chance to execute strategies,” says Faiz.

Faiz’s role includes two verticals: the first is acquisitions and postpaid customers and the second is segments (voice and data).

For acquisitions, the goal is to capture new customers through the right sign-up offer and value prop. For the second vertical, the goal is to establish a long-term relationship based off data and voice plans.

“It’s very customer-centric, as everything is built around solving their needs. It requires a constant cycle of improvement,” states Faiz.

To execute well, it’s more than just crossing the bridge. You have to keep making that bridge better.

2. You don’t have to play the guessing game

Sure, playing the guessing game can help stimulate your mind — and it’s fun. But you can get the facts.

“During analysis, we’ve found surprising things, which proves the importance of having objective data. For instance, we’ve discovered that deal seekers actually are our high ARPU customers (average revenue per user),” describes Faiz.

“Bangladesh is such an exciting market. Mobile penetration and smartphone use are rising quickly, and our data revenue has basically doubled in a short time. I love creating ways to acquire new customers.

For Faiz, analysis also consists of studying the telecom market in Bangladesh. Because it’s growing and evolving rapidly.

The lesson is this: In today’s world, you don’t have to search for a needle in a haystack. You can use tools and data to find out where precisely that needle is.

3. Use the room you have to make moves

Quick question: What’s most rewarding about your job?

For Faiz, it’s about offering better products and services. Because that ensures Banglalink customers gain better access to information, communications, and entertainment.

Capturing all the opportunities that exist in the growing market in Bangladesh involves an ongoing commitment to keeping customers satisfied. To achieve this, Faiz believes it’s wise to view the situation from all angles.

“ I look at customers’ journeys and usage trends and try to understand their needs. I ask retailers for feedback. I travel to different regions to see what’s happening. I collaborate with different teams at Banglalink. By listening to all perspectives, you understand what’s the best course of action to meet customer needs,” attests Faiz.

4. Foundational Learning + Continuous Learning = Growth

Here’s the idea: Never stop expanding your knowledge and skills.

In fact, lifelong learning is how you adapt and succeed in this technological world. Faiz’s career path proves this.

Faiz actually studied electrical engineering at university and then took an engineering role in pharmaceuticals. After that, he decided to get an MBA. Then, he worked for several telcos before joining Banglalink in 2014.

“Along the way, I’ve gained experience in marketing, finance, business strategy, and now product management,” explains Faiz.

Now, look at the formula above again. It’s simple but true, right?

5. Don’t let things go in one ear and out the other

“I make a point to learn from my peers, managers, and leaders at work. They have knowledge and experience I don’t,” stresses Faiz.

“Just remember: You cannot perform alone. You need a solid team to bring success to the organization. Throughout my career journey, I was fortunate to work with great teams all the way. And guess what, the trend continues and my current product team is one of the best in the industry.”

When Faiz thinks back to his childhood, he also talks about the importance of absorbing information.

“I was an introvert as a child and mostly observed things. I interact with people better now. I feel like being an introvert in childhood enabled me to develop great listening skills,” says Faiz.

That’s a cool insight. There’s actually an abundance of research that shows introverts excel in the workplace. With great listening skills, introverts can understand customer needs at a deep level. Introverts can also quickly grasp what’s expected of them from colleagues and superiors.

In addition to using his skills, Faiz has clearly realized how to apply his personality traits to his work in a positive way.

Meet Faiz

6. Map out the road ahead

When you travel, you probably use a map, right? If you find direction using the sun and stars, kudos to you.

Anyway, the point is to have a proper plan for what you’re doing. If you ask Faiz for career advice, he’ll echo this idea:

“Specialize in something first and get a job in that field. Then, meet people and network. Understand your responsibilities and learn what’s needed. I learned programming out of necessity. Stay committed and chase opportunities that interest and fit you. As you add skills and experience, think about going beyond your specialization into bigger roles.”

Now, there’s a plan worth having. Follow it — and you’ll be on the right road.

7. Let the music play…

Are you ready for the last tip?

Take it easy.

To achieve career success, you need a work-life balance. For Faiz, that means reading books, watching movies, and playing music.

“At the last Banglalink party, I was playing the keyboard. It was awesome. Music is a great way to relax. Also, making music actually helps me as a product manager, as both require a creative process,” exclaims Faiz.

Well, that wraps up this interview. Faiz has given you a straightforward plan to succeed. Go aim for the stars!

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