Item pre-sale update: 479 ETH in 7 days!

479 ETH in volume according to DappRadar

Hello, racers! The first week of our item pre-sale just finished, with three more weeks to go. As of this posting, we have sold over 479 ETH worth of crates! We’re off to a great start! Check out the infographic below with the highlights:

Crate opening delay explained

As mentioned in our previous post, we ran into issues at the start of the pre-sale that caused delays in opening crates. By the fourth day, the team had isolated the issue:

  • Our crates are ERC-20 tokens, so to open them, we send a transaction to the Ethereum mainnet to burn the crate
  • We call an oracle to determine gas price for this transaction
  • Once the transaction is reported as successful, items are minted on the sidechain
  • It was the mainnet transaction (to burn the crate) that was getting stuck. If the gas price spiked, the transaction is unmined and it couldn’t proceed with minting

We manually pushed transactions to clear during the first few days, and now have taken steps to reduce the delay: raising the default gas price, for starters, and also revising our website user experience to be more intuitive. We will roll out the new website flow soon.

Crate unboxing and community ❤

That moment when someone found the first Legendary car part! (Congrats, freak!)

Once the issue was cleared, people started opening their crates and showing off their parts in Discord! Check out CryptoBlockDan’s Battle Racers Pre-Sale Analysis article and Wolven’s First Battle Racers Crate Opening video to see examples of car parts found.

For early buyers who were affected by the technical issues, we promised to give you a free car part to make up for it. The airdrop will happen after the item pre-sale ends, and details will be posted soon.

Lastly, our community has been clamoring for car parts to become tradeable. Already, people are making handshake deals on Discord to trade parts that they want. We want you to know that the team is listening and currently discussing how to make it happen :)

From Twitter. Thank you, racers! ❤

Again, we’d like to thank our awesome community for sticking by us through the first week. It’s been a roller coaster for the team, and we couldn’t have done it without you all! The item pre-sale ends on Friday, June 21, 2019, at 10:00am EDT (GMT-4), 7:00am PDT (GMT-7), and 4:00pm CET (GMT+2). Be sure to share your referral links with your friends and get them to join us on Discord.

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