Welcome to Beam Mobile Wallet Version 6.1

Beam mobile wallet version 6.1 is now available on iOS and Android, bringing exciting new features to the Beam Wallet such as sending confidential assets from your mobile, performance improvements, bug fixes & many UI enhancements.

Confidential Assets live on Beam Wallet mobile app

Confidential assets are now available on the Beam Mobile Wallet! Send and receive confidential assets and view your payment status in real-time. We’ve covered pretty much everything to help CAs become first-class citizens.

Custom Configuration:

For ETH-bound traders, the Beam wallet now displays price amounts in ETH in addition to USD and BTC.

Squashing Bugs and UI Improvements:

  • Beam Wallet “regular” addresses are now recognised on Binance
  • “Max Privacy” was renamed to “Max Anonymity Set”
  • Many UI improvements and tweaks

Version 6.1 will be the last major Beam Wallet update before the imminent launch of BEAM staking with the BeamX confidential DeFi ecosystem.

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