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The Arc
How science can improve communication about refugees and humanitarian innovation.
Note from the editor

The Arc is a series that explores how we can use behavioral, cognitive and social science to change conversations, mindsets and behavior around humanitarian innovation and displaced populations. We traverse through the mediums in how we speak about innovation and disruption in the humanitarian sector and explore how new approaches to communication can create progress. In humanitarian innovation, where big data, artificial intelligence, and financial tech reign - we show you why words still matter. And how they can be used as a tool to build bridges between persons, thoughts, and communities. The Arc is created in partnership with the UN Refugee Agency's Innovation Service and the University of Florida's Center for Public Interest Communication. Through The Arc, we hope to give readers a transparent look at our process, experimentation, and partnership through open conversations, articles, and stories that arise along the way.

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UNHCR Innovation Service
UNHCR’s Innovation Service embeds new approaches and methodologies to address the growing humanitarian needs of today and more critically — the future.
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Lauren Parater
Leading on comms for UNHCR’s Innovation Service • humanitarian innovation enthusiast • thoughts on refugees, migration + #scicomm • maybe a little wine •
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Ann Searight Christiano
Ann is the Frank Karel Chair and director of the Center for Public Interest Communications at the University of Florida. frank.jou.ufl.edu
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Annie Neimand, Ph.D.
Director of Research for the Center for Public Interest Communications at the University of Florida.
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Hans Park
Strategic- as well as trad. design at UNHCR Innovation Service.
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Chris Earney
Accidentally co-founded @UNHCRInnovation. We think we can do better for our world, and we try to work out how.
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Cian McAlone
what's good for the goose is good for the gander