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These Reefs Are Beautiful—But Most of the Coral Is Dead

One tiny Caribbean island is scrambling to save its coral in the face of global warming.

Space Guns

A history of the least subtle way of getting into orbit

Rockets have been seen as the best way to get things into space ever since Robert Goddard

Striking Cosmic Gold

How was Earth’s most well-known precious metal made?

“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul;
wisdom is better than silver or

Mathematicians Devise The World’s Most Unusual Typefaces Based On Problems of Computational Geometry

If you’re fed up with Times New Roman, read on…

Hungary’s Cold War battle with polio

Trapped by the Cold War and scarred after a failed revolution, Hungary fought one of its greatest battles against polio. Penny…

The Silencing of the Deaf

How high-tech implants are being blamed for killing an entire subculture.


The Great Dithering

The waters are rising, and cities can’t move out of the way. Can we act decisively enough to avert catastrophic climate change?

Thoughts on Open Data

In the last few days, the Public Library of Science (PLoS) has announced that they will shortly require every article published in one of their journals to be…

How Google Fiber is changing the game for genomics

Genome interpretation in the terabase & gigabit era.

Hello Google Fiber gigabit speeds.

The Art of (Science) Storytelling

A very brief introduction to the great public science stories of the last century with Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan,Neil DeGrasse…

Cosmologists Say Last Week’s Announcement About Gravitational Waves and Inflation May Be Wrong

The excitement has hardly died down before theorists have begun to…

The Music Composed By An Algorithm Analysing The World’s Best Novels 

Sit back and listen to the music generated by a computer program that measures the “emotional…

Science is the real magic

If magic was real, we’d just call it science.

If you showed a microprocessor to those people who created the transistor, they’d never…

But if you ask WebMD, it’s totally cancer. It’s always cancer. 

Dr. Google is such an alarmist. 

All About Cosmic Inflation

What everyone should know about where our matter-and-radiation-filled Universe came from.

“I don’t think at this point we

A Survey for Journalists and Bloggers: What Science Becomes News?

Do we understand the science news process? Participate and Share.

Evidence of the Universe From Before the Big Bang?

How an observational signature from Cosmic Inflation could herald the scientific revolution of the century

The Glory of Venus

Tricks of the light on other planets

On 24 July 2011, something rather magical appeared in the cloud-tops of our nearest planetary neighbour, Venus.

Best of Science
Best of Science

Medium’s best stories about science and the world around us. Want to be considered? Submit your stories! Curated by @readmatter 

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