2018 Roadmap Recap

The Past Year Here at Bethereum

Robert Herman
Dec 17, 2018 · 6 min read

2018 has flown by, and if you’re a fan of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based projects, you may believe that’s a good thing. It’s hard not to look at the price of market-leading projects, but price isn’t everything.

In terms of innovation and potential, 2018 was an amazing year for the blockchain, and a spectacular year for our community, sports fans, bettors, and the team here at Bethereum. We saw hundreds of thousands of fans interact with our project, an overloaded bounty competition with tens of thousands of contributors, and tremendous support in our quest to become the betting standard on the blockchain.

Here is a look back at the 2018 Bethereum roadmap and what was accomplished over the past 12 months:

January 2018

In an exciting month to begin the year, January was the first month we brought our project outside of our core team for the world to see. Bethereum.com went live, we published our whitepaper in English, the Bethereum social media profiles were launched, and we began to receive attention. We were also named one of the Top 5 business ideas in Slovakia. We couldn’t have imagined a better January.

February 2018

February was also an eventful month full of activities to raise awareness of our project, and we also made a key addition to our team. We attended two conferences in London (ICE — a gaming conference and London Blockchain week), were featured in Coin Bureau and UK Investor Magazine, and added Giacomo Tognoni as our CEO.

Martin Herman (Co-Founder) pitching at the London Blockchain Week 2018.

March 2018

With interest from the press building and our leadership team stronger than ever, the project began moving fast in March. The innovative bounty program, which included the option to bet points on sporting events, helped usher in the fastest Telegram channel rise in a 48-hour span with 23,000 new fans. We showed our commitment to bringing Bethereum to the world by releasing the website in six different languages, and we were rewarded with our first national community of fans in Indonesia (we currently have over 20 local communities and counting).

Not only were press outlets taking notice, so were ICO rating authorities. Bethereum earned a perfect 5/5 from Track ICO and a near perfect 9.7 out of 10 from ICOMarks.

Depicting the marketing power of the first ever fully-automated bounty campaign in crypto!

April 2018

In April, we hosted and ended our token pre-sale, selling out all 6000 ETH in BETHER that was made available. Thank you to all of our early investors who made our successes over the rest of the year possible.

The high ratings continued in April with Benchy (5/5), ICOExpert (4.9/5), ICOHolder (9.9/10) ranking Bethereum among the best new blockchain-based projects in the world. Continuing and strengthening our success with local, national, and international media outlets, we hired Blonde 2.0, a top PR agency, to help us achieve our goals over the following four months.

Selling out the 6000 ETH pre-sale of Bether tokens.

May 2018

May was as exciting as it was busy for the team. The core of our team traveled to the Consensus Blockchain Summit in New York, the Monaco International Blockchain show, and the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Helsinki.

Martin Herman (Co-Founder) pitching at Monaco International Blockchain conference.

While much of the team was traveling around the world, the rest of us were launching the Bounty Betting Game, a free-to-play social betting contest already running on Smart Contracts on the Ethereum test chain (Ropsten). Over 43,000 bets were placed over 9 weeks, and the game was a big hit within the Bethereum community.

June 2018

As we neared the middle of the year, the momentum continued to build around Bethereum and paid off in coverage and accolades. In June, Bethereum:

Was featured in major publications: Entrepreneur.com, VentureBeat.com, TechBullion.com.

We also launched the second free-to-play social betting contest using Smart Contracts on the blockchain, just in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In just 4 weeks, over 115,000 bets were successfully placed.

Launching the Smart Contract based World Cup Contest in June!

July 2018

As the betting contest continued, top betting advisors joined the team. Alex Zelvin (FanDuel, DRAFT), and top gaming and e-commerce consultant Stanislav Sebest came onboard to assist in guiding several key aspects of the future betting platform.

August 2018

The team continued to grow in August with the addition of two content writers who were tasked with writing engaging articles for the community. The content team also celebrated a milestone as over 100 original articles about Bethereum had now been published!

On the technical side of the business, a proof of concept began as the Loom side-chain was integrated into the Bethereum platform. This PoC was based around the idea to help reduce costs and increase performance when compared to a solution solely built off of the Ethereum blockchain.

The infrastructure of the Bethereum platform.

September 2018

Big news was released in September when it was made public that our BETHER token would be listed on a top cryptocurrency exchange — Coinbene. We would also add team members and another award to our trophy case. We hired a new Head of Development, backend developer, and a professional tester. Bethereum was also named Best Cryptocurrency Gaming Platform Provider of 2018 by CEEGC. This was a great honor considering this was our first year of operation.

Peter Gal and Martin Herman (Co-Founders) receiving the CEEGC award!

October 2018

After months of preparing, we were filmed for our appearance on the Advancements television show in October. We also launched the Bethereum Gaming Contest with over 8 million BETHER up for grabs in prizes. Apart from a whole new look and a full recoding with major performance improvements, we brought you a new betting engine powered by Score 24’s live data feed, variable betting stakes, chat functionality, more sports, a taste of future personalisation. The contest lasted until Mid-December.

Launch of a brand new betting engine!

November 2018

November was a very busy month of expansion and new releases. Support reached new levels with 22 Telegram national fan club communities. The team brought on a new senior frontend developer and part-time system engineer, and we promoted an excellent frontend developer from part-time to full-time.

In the Bethereum Gaming Contest, which reached over 400,000 bets, mobile device support was added, allowing mobile-only sports bettors to join in on the fun.

Added mobile support for the Gaming contest in November!

December 2018

This December we released a new professional explainer video that will help attract potential users to Bethereum through online advertising. Produced by ‘The Animotioners’:

After waiting and preparing for over six-months, the 7-minute segment on our company in Ted Danson’s Advancements TV show was publicly released on CNBC in the U.S. With U.S. laws on sports betting changing, this market presents significant opportunities for Bethereum in addition to the other markets around the world we will market to.

The Advancements TV segment hosted by Ted Danson aired on December 16 on CNBC!

Thank you for following Bethereum’s journey along with us. There is a lot to look forward to in 2019, from a new gaming contest with eSports support to P2P token-based betting on third-party skill-based games to acquiring necessary betting licenses:

The Bethereum journey continues…

Hope your year was as productive as ours,

Bethereum Team
Because life is a game!

If you would like to ask us anything or interact with our forever growing community, join one of our Telegram groups in your language.

In addition, if you like what we are doing and would like to stay updated, signup for our newsletter.

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Bethereum is a decentralised, social-betting platform based…

Robert Herman

Written by

CEO of Powerful Medical



Bethereum is a decentralised, social-betting platform based on Ethereum technology and Smart Contracts. Unique social and gamification elements deliver the most engaging and secure betting platform on the market.

Robert Herman

Written by

CEO of Powerful Medical



Bethereum is a decentralised, social-betting platform based on Ethereum technology and Smart Contracts. Unique social and gamification elements deliver the most engaging and secure betting platform on the market.

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