First Valentine’s Day Event Tribute Cutie Discovered

One of the key aspects of our Valentine’s day event is the individual breeding challenge.

After completing a certain number of breedings a player can uncover some of the never seen before tribute genomes.

But what do you even do with this information?


For most of the common folk, this array of symbols says nothing.

Even VeRychard’s genome mapping software that gives some insight leaves most of us in the dark.

Literally XD

But in our community, there are people who can make sense of this. And breed valuable rare cuties.

During the second day of the event, the first secret genome was uncovered. Our players Light and Dragon Food cooperated to create the new tribute.

And the Lion King was born!

King of The Jungle by Dragon Food
Congratulations Light and Dragon Food!

This tribute is inspired by the main character of Disney’s version of Hamlet — Simba the lion cub.

The first Lion King was born from these two adorable cats.

And shortly after there was a second one resulting from Lion King’s relationship with Nyan Cat.

The second Lion King tribute was also bred by Dragon Food. Which is a super quick replication!

Cutieneers, we never thought this would happen so fast. How soon do you think we’ll se the next one?

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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