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Book Keeping is a readers’ community from @fsgbooks and Sarah Crichton Books / FSG.

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mary Kay Zuravleff: E. L. Konigsburg 

In grade school, I wrote a yearly book report on From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L…

The Makers of Britain 

Nicola Griffith reflects on the literary ancestors of her forthcoming novel ‘Hild’

The Child Who Loved Sea Urchins More Than Street Urchins 

Adam Foulds

Reading stories didn’t interest me much as a child. My imagination didn’t quicken at dramatic…

A ‘Tinderbox’ Built on ‘Embers’

by Lisa Gornick

I can no longer recall how I stumbled upon Sándor Márai’s exquisite short novel Embers, which is set on a single day…

Isabel Archer, Great-Grandmother 

on ‘The Portrait of a Lady’ by Michelle Huneven

The first time I read The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James I was fifteen…

Emily Gould on Kristy’s Great Idea

Revisiting ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’

In sixth grade I read 62 Baby-Sitters Club books. This was at least in part because my sixth…

‘The Complete Cosmicomics’

FSG Book Keeping asked authors to write about a childhood favorite or a book they considered to be an ancestor to theirs. Tim Finch on ‘The…

An excerpt from Harvard Sitkoff’s KING on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington

The turnout on August 28, 1963, exceeded all expectations. Nearly a quarter of a million…

Shrink-Wrapped: Two novels linked by their psychoanalyzing protagonists

When Mary Kay Zuravleff and Lisa Gornick discovered this common thread, they sat down to…

For the late summer doldrums: Books about escaping into the natural world

Scientific American authors’ recommended summer reading

Daniel Chamovitz

I’ve never shot anyone. Yet, I mean. 

Wilton Barnhardt on writing ‘Lookaway, Lookaway’

What was the inspiration for your book, Lookaway, Lookaway?

Medium Reads It First: ‘Tinderbox’ by Lisa Gornick

An excerpt from the forthcoming novel

Myra cradles the phone to her ear as she gives the yes that she knows…

Exclusive preview of ‘Hild’: For readers who love Hilary Mantel and George R. R. Martin

‘Hild’ by Nicola Griffith

“Nicola Griffith is an awe-inspiring…

Babayaga: Where Tolkien Meets Graham Greene Meets Anne Rice

An excerpt from the forthcoming novel by Toby Barlow

“Tolkien meets Graham Greene meets…

Fake Fans

by Alina Simone

Dear Ms. Simone,

I’m writing to you in regard to my husband Kenny who has gone through surgery. My husband is a very big fan of

Outtakes from a novel

from Cathleen Schine’s Fin & Lady

Cathleen Schine told Book Keeping that she cut the following passage for rhythm and momentum, but wishes she…

Standing between me and the last hundred pages of All The King’s Men

by Ben Schrank

I started All The King’s Men in early spring—I picked up a used copy in the…

In Vermont with Lord Wimsey

by Toby Barlow 

Obviously we all have piles of summer books in our memories, but what I recall best was holing up in a Vermont cabin twenty…

 Does this purse match my metaphors? 

by Mary Kay Zuravleff

When it comes to publishing novels, no one mentions the amazing biblioaccessories you attract. My first…

Heading Straight to Sodom and Gomorrah

by Roxana Robinson

I don’t actually change my reading habits in the summer—I read more or less the same things all year long…

Psychoanalysis: The Impossible Profession

by Lisa Gornick 

Certain books are so strongly associated with the places and times we read them, we cannot imagine having…

Reincarnated as Ralph Fiennes’ right hand

Michelle Orange examines her obsession with the Proust Questionnaire

The Best Imaginary Friends I’ve Ever Had

Summer Reading with Dennis Mahoney

This summer I’m going to start rereading Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series…

Read Like Gordon Brown, Not Dan Brown

by Tim Finch

Britain’s last prime minister, Gordon Brown, was not a great one for relaxation. As premier he was once photographed…

Bribing Your Son to Read

By Mary Kay Zuravleff

What’s on your shelf? To me, summer reading means Harry Potter, Tom Swift, and Zombie Butts from Uranus, almost none of…

Book Keeping
Book Keeping

Book Keeping is a readers’ community from @fsgbooks and Sarah Crichton Books / FSG.

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