Rectangle for MacOS

Rectangle is a rewrite of Spectacle which is a popular MacOS app used for managing and controlling windows via keyboard shortcuts. While mostly the same as Spectacle, Rectangle includes some extra features like the ability to snap windows to screen edges. Both apps are free and open source.

Multitouch and the Teleporting Mouse

Working on a tool called Multitouch, a MacOS app for binding shortcuts to trackpad gestures, we ran into an issue where a user’s mouse would teleport to a seemingly random location when the user executed a click via one of Multitouch’s gestures.


Formerly Touchoven, Multitouch is a MacOS app for assigning keyboard shortcuts and actions to trackpad gestures. The interface is simple, clean, and has a MacOS look and feel. Multitouch comes with a free trial, so go ahead and give it a spin!

It’s time to Spell the Truth, Alexa

Spell the Truth” is a slow-paced single-player spelling bee contest skill developed for Amazon…

Trine 2 and the battle of the Xbox 360 controller

Steam had a sale for Trine 2, a beautiful cooperative platform puzzle and fighting game, that I would recommend. However, getting the game to work with an Xbox 360 controller was a game in of itself.

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