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Editorially independent of the university, Brown Technology Review explores developments in technology and considers the economic, social, and political impacts. BTR pulls insight from both industry and academia, aiming to provide readers a holistic perspective.
Note from the editor

We recognize that the value of our publication is entirely dependent on the relationship that we maintain with our readers. This relationship is built on the trust surrounding our journalistic integrity and authenticity as a publication. To that end, we continuously welcome feedback by email at browntechreview@gmail.com. We also strongly affirm that Brown Tech Review adheres to the core guidelines established by the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME). Furthermore, given that we are entirely independent of Brown University, our content is not only independent of the university’s influence, but also not representative of the university’s interest in any way. Additionally, if it is ever the case that a personal relationship affects the content we produce, we will explicitly acknowledge the nature of that relationship in our piece. We are also committed to cultivating diversity and inclusion through the topics we cover, the methods in which we cover them, and within our own community. We continually welcome suggestions for how we can be more inclusive.

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Annie Lehman-Ludwig
Brown ’20 — membership associate at the Global Network Initiative; former associate section manager and senior staff writer at Brown Political Review
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Lizzy Wang
@BrownUniversity 2021, Brown Technology Review, Software Engineer in NYC
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Brynn Chernosky
Brown ‘23
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Shailen Sampath
Brown ‘20
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Nico Goldberg
Staff Writer at Brown Tech Review. Griffin Kao’s #1 Fan.
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Martin Trouilloud
Brown ’22 // climate change, agriculture, and food biotechnology
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Dylan Villeneuve
Interest Enthusiast, Brown ‘21
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