Building Potluck

Half-baked ideas and lessons learned by our team as we build

Designers: you can Objective-C, too!

How you can help your iOS engineer by getting into production storyboards and Objective-C — if they let you ;)

Messaging Meets The News

Potluck App Reimagines Articles and Comments for the iPhone

We are a mission-driven company.

Minimum Viable Content

How editorial content makes Potluck awesome the first time you open it

Today, we released a new version of Potluck for iPhone and the web.

One of its biggest features is one you won’t find in previous versions of Potluck, or in most products made by consumer technology companies for that matter: editorial content.…

Web apps deserve sexy transitions too!

How we designed and built motion into the new Potluck with Framer and Angular.js

How to give constructive design feedback over email

Tips for designers and non-designers that will make everyone happier

How Branch Uses Heroku

At Branch, we’ve been through several feature launches on and, more recently, several more on our new site, Potluck. Although it becomes easier, building high-quality, high-traffic web applications still isn’t easy. Here are a few things we’ve learned about hosting our apps on Heroku that have helped keep our latency down and our confidence up.

Potluck Sass Style Guide

Simple rules we follow for maintainable Sass code, portable HTML, and happy designers.

Nest conservatively

How to ship good design

Why are we showing off our work in dead mockups and not as finished products?

Prototyping swipe and drag gestures with Framer 3

Update late 2014: This post is now over a year old. Framer Studio works with CoffeeScript (this post was written for Javascript) and

Who are the people who love your product?

Since Potluck launched just over a month ago, I’ve had hundreds of conversations with our users. As I listen to their stories, insights, and…

Launching Potluck

Launches are tough, no matter how prepared you are. Launches with a lot of press or a lot of new code are only worse. Although Potluck’s launch had as much press involved as…

Being there in beta

This week, our team launched Potluck.

Our first line of code was written on February 18, and we launched the site publicly on June 25. But in those four months, our team actually built two things: a product and a community.

By launch day, our community of beta testers had grown to about 1,000 people, including our siblings, significant…

An Incomplete List of Mantras for Engineers at @Branch

Startup engineering requires a constant balance between moving fast — which is one of a startups ONLY competitive edges — and…

Meet Potluck, a new product from Obvious-backed Branch

“A house party on the internet,” Potluck is a place to talk about cool things your friends find on the Internet…

How house parties helped us design Potluck 

Yesterday, we launched Potluck — a new product from the Branch team that we’re describing as “a house party on the Internet.” I’ll share with…

Three new things

Potluck is only a month old, but we makes changes to it all the time based on feedback you give us and how you’re using the site.

Curious? Here are 3 new things we’ve added since launch.

Have questions or ideas for us? We’d love to hear from you! Say hey at

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Building Potluck
Building Potluck

Half-baked ideas and lessons learned by our team as we build

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