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Frequently asked questions

New to Bulb? Read on for an overview of what we do and how we do it.


What happens when I switch to Bulb?

  • We contact your current provider to start the switch. It typically takes less than 7 days to complete this process.
  • You should get a final bill from your old provider within 30 days of switching.
  • That’s it. You’re powered by 100% renewable energy.

How do I cancel my switch?
You can cancel your switch to Bulb within 3 days of signing up. Just call us at 1–833-439–2852 from 9am to 6pm CT, Monday to Thursdays, and 9am to 5pm on Fridays.

How do I enroll someone else if I’m not the account holder?
Only the account holder may enroll online. If you’re an authorized representative of the account holder, you can enroll them but you need to provide us with proof first that you have the legal authority to conduct the enrollment, e.g., Power of Attorney.

My switch didn’t go through. What happened?
Your provider may have blocked your switch to Bulb. If you think this has happened, please call them to discuss your options.

I’m moving. Can I change my start date?
Yes! If you’re moving in and need your service to start sooner you can give us a call or send your request to hello.texas@bulb.com.

Our working hours are Monday to Thursday, 9am to 6pm, and Fridays from 9am to 5pm. If you urgently need power on Monday and email hello.texas@bulb.com over the weekend, we’ll process it first thing on Monday and have you powered up the same day.

Transferring services

I’m moving, how can I take Bulb with me?
Sign into your Bulb account and look for the “I’m moving” button in your account settings. Fill out the form to tell us when you’d like your service to end. If you’re taking Bulb to your new place, let us know when to turn the power on.

Please note that we can’t process these requests on weekends or federal holidays, so you’ll want to submit this request at least one working day before your move in date.

Can I transfer my Bulb account to another person?
If you want the electricity under someone else’s name, they’ll need to head to our website and complete the signup.

I moved to a house that’s already supplied by Bulb. How do I transfer the service to my name?
If you’re moving into a property that’s already supplied by Bulb you’ll still need to complete the signup process. Head to our website and complete the sign up.


When will I receive my first bill from Bulb?
It should arrive on or around the same day of the month as your previous electricity bills. Look out for an email from hello.texas@bulb.com which will have your first bill from us.

What should I do if I haven’t received my bill?
If you’ve recently switched to Bulb and haven’t received your bill in over one month, please email us. We have up to 30 days to bill you.

What are the charges on my bill?
When you look at your bill, you’ll see the Bulb energy charge per kWh as well as delivery charges. Delivery charges come from your TDU company (or Transmission and Distribution Utility if you’re fancy). They’re independent of Bulb’s energy charge and include a per kWh charge and a flat monthly fee.

Your bill will always reflect how much energy you used in any given billing period. If you have any other questions, please email hello.texas@bulb.com.

How does billing work?
Your meter has an assigned number set by your TDU (the company that delivers electricity to your home). This number dictates which day each month your TDU takes your reading. The reading takes place around the same time each month but can vary by a day or two. When we receive the reads from your TDU we send you a bill.

This means that if you’re just switching you should get your Bulb bill around the same time as you did with your last provider. If you’re moving, the day you receive a bill will change as the meter read cycle number is assigned to the meter, not the member.

Having a set meter read day also means that your first bill with Bulb might cover a period shorter than a month. For example, if you join on the 1st and your meter read date is the 10th, your first bill will be for 9 days. All the other bills will span a month.

You can find your meter read cycle here by typing your address or ESI ID. If you’ve had an energy bill for your current property before then it should include the ESI ID. After you know your meter read cycle number you can find out your annual meter reading schedule by simply googling “[Insert your TDU] meter read cycle 2020” or checking the links below:

AEP Meter Reading Schedule

Oncor Meter Reading Schedule

Centerpoint Meter Reading Schedule

TNMP Meter Reading Schedule

What’s my usage?
You can find a detailed break-down of your electricity usage by heading to SmartMeter Texas. To register, select:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Residential
  3. Enter your details
  4. Enter security information


Meter #: [XXXXX]

Retail electric provider: Bulb Energy LLC

You should be able to find these details on your bills but if you can’t find an old bill, we can send you those details.

Cancellation fees

How do I claim my $100?
We’ll reimburse up to $100 if your old provider charges you for switching to Bulb.

Here’s how it works. After you’ve received your final bill, take a picture of the bill, and complete this form. You can also forward us the original if you like. There is no deadline for when you need to do this.

We’ll add the $100 credit to your Bulb account after we’ve verified the bill from your old provider and after you’ve made your first Bulb payment. The credit will show up on your next bill. Done.


When will I be charged?
We’ll automatically charge you 16 days after emailing your bill, using the payment method we have on file.

How do I update my payment method?
You can update your payment through your Bulb account.

What if I can’t pay?
Learn about your payment plan options here.


How do you figure out my deposit?
We ask for a deposit before we start supplying your energy if we can’t confirm you have satisfactory credit. Your deposit would not be more than either the estimated total of your bills for the next 2 months or a fifth of your estimated annual bill. We never use a member’s credit score to calculate their deposit.

Am I eligible for assistance?
There are certain situations in which we may waive deposits. You may avoid paying a deposit if:

  1. you are at least 65 years of age and you do not have a delinquent balance with your current electric service provider,
  2. you have been a victim of family violence and can provide a certification letter by the Texas Council on Family Violence,
  3. you have previously been a Bulb member for at least 3 months and have not missed any payments.

Please complete this form with proof that you meet one of the exemptions reasons listed above, and we’ll get you set up.

Learn more about deposits at Bulb here.

When will I get my deposit back?
Your deposit is completely refundable. We’ll refund your deposit when you complete 12 consecutive months of on-time payment or when you switch to another provider or move-out and we send a final bill.

Please note, if you default on your bill, we will use the deposit in place of payment.


Can I access my account online?
You can access your Bulb account by visiting account.bulb.com. You should have received an email with steps on how to set up and access your account. If you can’t find that email make sure to check your spam folder. And if it’s not there, email hello.texas@bulb.com or call 1–833–439–2852 and we’ll get you set up.

How do I know when I’ve switched? When will I be charged?
It takes 3 business days to process your switch. We’ll email to confirm when your switch has gone through. That email will tell you the date when you’ll receive your first bill. Your account will be charged 16 days after we email your bill. Keep an eye on your inbox.

Special needs

I have special needs. How do I communicate that to Bulb?
Your previous provider will let us know of your status as a Special Needs customer as part of your switch. If you haven’t disclosed this information to your provider, or if your circumstances have changed, please email us.


I know someone who is with Bulb. How do I join Bulb through them?
Great news. First, ask them for their referral link. Every Bulb member has a unique referral link that they can share with friends and family to earn $50 for themselves and their recruit.

If someone has shared their link with you all you need to do is open the link in your browser and complete the sign up. You’ll receive confirmation you signed up using your friend’s link a few days later.

After you pay your first bill, we’ll add a credit to your account with your referral reward. Just like that. The same goes for the friend that you’ve referred to us. After they pay their first bill, we’ll credit their account.

If you’ve already shared your link with a friend but haven’t received confirmation, please let us know.

Can’t find your referral link?
We send your unique referral link via email when you sign up. If it’s been some time since you signed up and you can’t find that email let us know and we can send you your link so you can start referring.

Learn more about referrals at Bulb here.

Energy 101

Where does Bulb get its energy?
We source our energy from wind and solar generators around Texas. Learn more about our energy here.

Is Bulb regulated?
We’re licensed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). All of our energy is certified as renewable by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). ERCOT is the non-profit corporation that oversees the power grid, which supplies energy to about 25 million Texans.

Net Metering

Do you have a net metering / solar buyback program?
Not yet! That might be something we do in the future. We’d love to know more about what you’d like from a net metering plan. If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share here.




Bulb is a new kind of energy company. We help people lower their bills and cut their carbon emissions with 100% renewable energy from Texas wind and solar.

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