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Super Normal

Innovation often starts with the ordinary

I regularly get asked the question: What do you think of <insert social app here>? This question is usually…

Social Media Style Guide for Journalists

A free guide for all journalists and writers

April Fools’ Day
Also April Fool’s Day. Traditionally observed by news…

Open Secret

Secret’s founders are all talk

When Secret launched with its customary Techcrunch press release, one of its founders apparently described it like so:

He said that the point was to share things you wouldn’t otherwise attach to your name.

As anybody who has used the internet for longer than five seconds…

Is This The New Steve Jobs?

Please welcome Microsoft Vice President Panos Panay

Panos Panay stepped into some big, clown-like shoes today to announce the…

I’ve raised $6.5 million to build and grow my new company: Fetch.com

During the last decade, many popular new media properties have launched, most aiming to attract humans, like…

How much money did Amazon really lose today?

This irresponsible math has to stop

Amazon was down again today, for 30 minutes. Every time this happens the pundits…

Bullshit Detector
Bullshit Detector

Stand by for bullshit

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