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My work philosophies

What your product manager really means

Your project or product manager (depending on what those titles mean in your company) is desperately trying to get every one to sync up and just make…

Battle tactics for toddlers and engineers

The scene begins with dramatically rolled eyes. Eyes rolled with such intense inner turmoil that surely the head they live in is an angst-bomb…

Bringing in the fun

Unhappy people do not perform well at work. They mope, they argue in meetings, they code with the precision of a snail-taking-its-sweet-ass-time, and then you miss all your…

You work with people

or How I stopped the flame war and learned to play nicely

Projects are people

Let’s all scream “It’s people!!!” together now. If you don’t get the Soylent Green reference, you need to read a non-tech book and are not a true nerd, but for now I’ll forgive you. (Argue with me later on the Internet!) Really, though, all…

You are not Steve Jobs

A young CEO storms through his start-up, a tiny Godzilla, crushing the feelings of his staff like so many Japanese paper maché buildings. He rubs his forehead in…

Business Erin
Business Erin

My work philosophies

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