2017 Videos: All Things Chatbots

By Sydney Ledger Video collections: [Chatbots | Character | The Future]

Want to build a chatbot? Need some inspiration? Man, have we got some for you.

From “how to’s” all the way to aspirations that will make you wide-eyed, our speakers shared a little bit of everything at One of the common themes? If we want to bring humanity to AI and bring AI to humanity, chatbots have to do more than order a pizza. But if you’re currently hangry, we won’t judge. Go ask that bot to order you a pie.

Lessons from Birthing a Bot

Chris Messina (Developer — MessinaBot)

Building your own bot is more accessible than ever and Chris Messina joined us to share what he learned from his bot’s infancy all the way to toddler-hood. It’s no surprise that Chris is at the forefront of this new technology — he did invent the hashtag after all. MessinaBot has lead to new conversations, friendships, and even an interview with NPR.

Chatter Bots: Content Strategy for the Conversational Interface

Elena Ontiveros (Content Strategist — Facebook)

Did you realize that creating content for a bot is a lot like using dating apps? Neither did we, but Elena sold us. First up, acknowledging that the conversational interface is different and requires a different strategy. Then, tips and best practices on voice & tone, setting expectations with users, and what to do when bot and human interactions don’t go as planned (much like every first date. Ever.)

Making Bots that Deliver Social Good

Josh Browder (Founder — DoNotPay)

You’ve heard of the bot that fights parking tickets right? After saving Londoners tens of thousands of dollars, Joshua Browder set his sights higher. The law is widely considered as society’s operating system. Despite its importance, over 80% of the legal needs of the poor are unmet. And it doesn’t just end at parking tickets. Joshua is launching new capabilities using AI and his bot to help refugees seek asylum in the UK, the US, and Canada. Get ready to be blown away.

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