2017 Videos: Where does the Future of AI Live?

By Sydney Ledger Video collections: [Chatbots | Character | The Future]

“Where does the future of AI live?” That’s a big question to unpack. We believe it must be firmly rooted in humanity, but beyond that, there are no limits. Several experts took the stage at and blew us away with their answers to this question, pulling back the curtain on what the future could be like, and what we can do to equip ourselves for it.

How to Robot-Proof Your Kids

Vivienne Ming (Founder & Executive Chair — Socos)

Vivienne Ming is a theoretical neuroscientist, technologist, and entrepreneur. Her startup, Socos, is using cognitive modeling to develop tools and systems that don’t just predict a child’s future, but prompts parents with daily questions and activities to help develop adaptive, creative problem solvers. She asks provocative questions and makes us think about the implications of AI on the future.

Trends in AI: Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

Journalist Panel: Ellen Huet (Bloomberg), Khari Johnson (Venture Beat), John Mannes (TechCrunch)

Three reporters walk into a bar…err, conference and are asked, “As we build more and more autonomy into our technology, if/when AI is able to make decisions that put humanity in danger, who should hold the master key?”

John, Ellen, and Khari talk about public-perception, adoption issues, trends in startups, and much more.

Recognizing Cultural Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Camille Eddy (Machine Learning Practitioner — HP and Boise State)

As we get caught up in all the ways AI can help us, it’s a slippery slope to assume that if something’s been touched by a computer, it’s inherently fair or unbiased. Our actions and choices as humans are largely influenced by the culture around us — things like race, language, accessibility, and sense of equality. As we offload decisions to algorithms and machine learning, those choices become less and less visible, leaving us to wonder — can algorithms really understand sensitivities like humans do?

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