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Note from the editor

Hey! I recently got more and more frustrated with Social Media and in particular Facebook. I did not use these services thát often, but I felt that I was no longer in control; I often grabbed my phone just to see what was going on and hence have recently decided to cancel all my accounts. After all, I still need to finalise the thesis for my Master’s in Brand Management 😬. But there is one thing that I would miss without Social Media, and that is to share some of my stories and photo’s with my friends (and perhaps fellow explorers who want to hear and see them). I guess the whole idea is to continue to share images and stories of some of the amazing places I have travelled to and inspire or encourage the ones around me to do the same. Have a look around and feel free to drop me a line if you have questions about any of the trips. Let me know your thoughts via the comments, or via an old fashioned e-mail [sander◼️️tresmontaine.com], I would love to hear from you, and please do share these images and stories with your friends if you feel that they may like them too! Best, Sander.

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Sander van Dijk
I love to explore — ⛺+ 🌲+ 🏔️+windsurfing, +mountainbiking +skiing! I take pictures of mostly weird stuff really 🐙. Head of Brand + Marketing @spykercars.com