Sometimes things feel stale. Often it’s because they are. Almost always, things need to change. More often than not, they need to end.

Bill Adler and I have made the decision to end Centina Pentina.

Full transparency: I think we were kind of bored. And I suspect some of you…

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I see the familiar face, the ghost of prosperity promised. He makes the ask, the one he must forever make, of those with more to ease his less.

The humbled man, foot soldier of a forgotten war, the educated man of a ruined university, the multilingual polymath guarding four-wheeled affluence…

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“I read allowed”, I said aloud. “What the hell does that mean?”

“That’s how I interpret it,” Brit answered, nose down in the cryptic legal document. “That typos were allowed in the final version. In fact they seem intentional.”

We were in the law firm’s parking garage, heading back to…

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The water rushed in every year, as ice melted in the mountains. It rushed through the streets, relentlessly scrubbing the dirt. It rushed, submerging the village under the mirky vail of redemption. I wade through the room with a giant wrench in my hand, unbolting the garage wall from the…

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It happens to the best of us writers: Your phone thinks it knows better than you. Now, it’s your turn to take the frustration of auto-correct and play out the scenarios that ignorant technology haphazardly creates.

Your mission this week is to craft a microfiction story about the funny, unintentional…

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Bartender seeks mountaineering partner. Virgins preferred.

This is for Centina Pentina’s six word challenge.

About the Author: Where are you from? Chances are, I’ve been there. Africa claims me as her child, Europe claims me as a nomad, Canada claims me as a settler. My voice, accent, outlook and style reflect all the places I have lived and loved. What do you love? I love children and hope never to grow too old to get down on the floor and build, romp, or fly through a child’s imagination. I love animals and am pleased to say, they seem to love me back.

Centina Pentina

Extraordinary stories in small packages

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