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How to reserve a *Starname with Keplr & link it to your personal crypto addresses

Starname is a NameService that makes it easy to send and receive cryptocurrency and access special websites by simple names rather than by long, complex strings of letters and numbers.
A Starname is your universal username for the blockchain world and represents one of the last steps required to finally reach the much-awaited blockchain “mass adoption”.

  1. Login to Keplr Extension and select [Starname] from the networks drop-down menu. Here you can view your account details and manage your $IOV as explained in the section [Get started with Keplr Browser Extension] of this tutorial. Remember that to complete the next steps you must have tokens available in your balance.
  2. Go to and click on the yellow button [Get Started].
  3. You will be automatically redirected to the page, where you must select the [Continue with Keplr Extension] option.
  4. Once inside the Starname manager dashboard you will be able to choose different options, including buying $IOV tokens via Credit Card, view the transactions made to-and-for your address, and register a Starname.
    With today’s tutorial we will focus on this last point.
  1. Once you have successfully accessed the Starname Dashboard, select one of the following options to create your own Starname:
    • [Starname Premium Edition] ex *catdotfish (*name)
    • [Starname Basic Edition] ex catdotfish*cosmos (name*cosmos/iov)
    In this guide we will follow the path of [Starname Premium Edition], but the process for purchasing the basic one is the same.
  2. Once in the [Starname Premium Edition] section click on [Register Now].
  3. Now you have the possibility to choose your Starname, which will have to be preceded by a * (I have chosen *catdotfish).
    If the name you selected is not available the box will turn yellow and you will not be allowed to continue.
    If instead, the name you have chosen is available, it will appear below the box the cost you will have to pay to register this Starname (mine cost 72 $IOV).
  4. If you are satisfied with your choice, click [Register].
    A Keplr window will automatically open that will allow you to make the on-chain transaction. Once the transaction is completed, you will be immediately informed by the system about its success.
    As always, I recommend selecting the transaction [High] fees for better performance.

💡 Congratulations, with your purchase you have taken another step into the future of the crypto-payments!

Now let’s see together how to modify your Starname profile with the Dashboard and associate your new Starname to the addresses available on Keplr.

  1. In the [Starname Premium Edition] you should now be able to view the newly purchased Starname. Click on [Manage] in the corresponding section.
  2. The first voice is [Information about you]. Select [Edit] to customize your Starname profile to your liking.
    When writing your Twitter and telegram tags do not enter @.
    In order to associate your profile to your twitter account you will be asked to make a verification.
  3. When you are satisfied with what you typed in your profile, scroll down and select [Update] to display the Keplr window that will allow you to complete the operation and save the information on-chain.
  1. In the [Starname Premium Edition] click on [Manage].
  2. Select [Edit] next to [Crypto-Currencies you accept].
  3. Now click in the box where you see [Algorand]: this will open the selection of all the chains that currently support this feature.
    Select one by one the chains whose addresses you want to link to your new Starname by adding new spaces with the [+ Add More] button.
    As you can see I have selected [IoV], [Cosmos], [Secret] and [Kava].
  4. To find the addresses to be associated, open the window of your Keplr Extension and once selected the desired network, click on the address: it will be automatically copied allowing you to paste it in the corresponding section in the Starname Dashboard.
  5. When you are satisfied, scroll down and select [Save] to display the Keplr window that will allow you to complete the operation on-chain.

🚀 Now You’re All Set!
Stay updated so you don’t miss out on any of the opportunities made possible by using Keplr and Starname!

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Chainapsis is an interchain, user-centered infrastructure company with focus on Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC) and the Cosmos ecosystem. Builders of Keplr, the interchain wallet, and Osmosis, the first IBC-enabled AMM.

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