Chingu FCC Speedrun Challenge: Pomodoro Clock

Continuing on with the speedrun challenge, I was just done building the Pomodoro Clock project. I was enjoying building this one too much to notice I’ve actually finished it.

The Pomodoro clock, or the “Pomodoro technique” as it’s called, is a time management method. The idea is to break work into chunks, and to take breaks in between. Traditionally, the timer is set to 25 minutes of work and 5 minute breaks in between. This project is a web-based version of the original technique.

While building this project, I learned more about JavaScript “classes,” (been using them since the beginning of the speedrun) and how they can help organize the code and keep everything that’s related in one place. Specifically, I learned about getters and setters, since I had to create a custom setter for the session and break times to prevent them from being negative or zero. I basically created a class which contains all of the data and methods associated with the timer, and simply imported it into my main JS file and used its methods there. I also got to use ES6 Symbols in order to make some variables of the class private.

Overall, the experience building this project has been great. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of things.

Until next time, happy coding!


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