Classic Lit

All the genius wordsmiths we obsess over even outside of English class. Collection started by @Sarahmseltzer

Steinbeck and Salinger, A Literary Analysis

Two American Authors—Both loved, Both hated

On the subject of censorship, Stephen Chbosky once said, “Banning books…

Today in Literary History: F. Scott Fitzgerald Married Zelda Sayre

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s How I Met Your Mother story might be even more complicated than the sitcom.

Clementine Classics: Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

Read an excerpt of the new annotated novel from Black Balloon Publishing

Chapter 1: The Magnet…

Only Connect? Forsterian Ideology in the Age of Hyperconnectivity 

Examining the dichotomy between digital connectivity and authentic human connection via E. M…

Civil Disobedience

Re-invigorating Thoreau’s masterpiece in a new age.

“Citizens with a conscience are not going to ignore wrong-doing simply because…

Cloak and Typewriter: 5 Famous Authors Who Worked as Spies

Ernest Hemingway, Roald Dahl, Graham Greene — the list writers who moonlit as spies is surprisingly…

How to enjoy Shakespeare

What your ninth grade English teacher failed to tell you

An English professor named George Soule at Carleton College (my alma mater…


Some notes and an introduction to Homer’s epic of return.

Homer’s epic the Odyssey is a nostos, or a story of return, and asks can one come home

Love’s Labour’s Lost

or, Women Rule

On my way to writing about a Shakespeare play I got sucked in to Facebook where I discovered that most of my friends are against Black…

Just one book?

Why didn't they go for a second?

I read Wuthering Heights long before we ‘Googled’ everything. I remember going to four different libraries trying to find another book written by Emily Bronte. I couldn't find them, and the librarians either didn't know, or didn't bother to tell me that she’d written only one. I found out eventually. To much…

How to Garner Engineering Respect with an English Degree

Navigating my first 6 months at Microsoft.

I work in a building of 2,000 engineers. Where the most compelling language is written by programmers. Where English is as relevant as “C++,” fiction usually has “science” in front of it and a cloud that hosts is the closest existing thing to pathetic fallacy.

On the Power of Manipulation and Deception in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”

A short essay that analyses the role of deception and manipulation in William Shakespeare…

The Plight of Self-Trust and Seeking the Divinity Within

Teachings from Ralph Waldo Emerson

I wrote this essay for a literature class in college a while ago

How to Read “Twelfth Night” Right Now

The No-Nonsense Introduction

Our goal here is simple: To get you to read or see the play. Not to introduce it like “Here’s me…

Euripides’ Medea: Patriarchial Terrorism

Euripides’ tragedy speaks more to the tragic flaw of a social order that oppresses women.

What was the…

Direitos Humanos, Interculturalidade e Racionalidade da Resistência

Artigo de autoria do Dr. Joaquin Herrera Flores. Traduzido por Carol Prone

On Kurt Vonnegut: Pessimism, Shotguns, and Lemonade

I remember the night I was first introduced to Kurt Vonnegut’s writings. My dear friend Jacob and I were sitting in a Starbucks; I was drinking a chai tea latte while Jacob enjoyed his peppermint mocha. He always sprinkled nutmeg in his peppermint mochas, something I initially thought to be quite strange. 17 year olds drink chai tea…

Marked for Life

At the Musee Carnavalet I went searching for history of the French Revolution. I have found it surprisingly hard to find history of this momentous event in fair Paris. I was…

Fixing Tolstoy’s Mistake

How a rock-opera version of War & Peace improves on the original

Of all the characters in War & Peace, little orphan Sonya is treated…

It’s Complicated: Me and James Joyce in the Age of Facebook

In which a contemporary Irish novelist spends Bloomsday (June 16) wondering how to describe his…

A Way to Read The Brothers Karamazov

Where I question my way through one of the greatest novels ever written

Note: All page numbers are from this edition.

A Note About My Approach

I thought about doing a summary or recap of each part, but I think, for this book, the summary found at the Middlbury site is fine. I do…

Shakespeare: Saving The Best For Last - The Last Act.

When do we take a bow, and the curtain call?

Great Scott

Why Gatsby keeps us coming back for more, and possibly something about what makes a book great.

I’ve read the Great Gatsby too many times. Ok, that’s an unlikely occurrence, but the reason I keep coming back is partly because I don’t remember enough about a book that everyone else calls a great.

Gatsby is about social mobility.

But America still has tonnes more of it than Britain.

I went to watch The Great Gatsby this evening. I swore I wouldn’t watch…

Classic Lit
Classic Lit

All the genius wordsmiths we obsess over even outside of English class. Collection started by @Sarahmseltzer

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