Climate Change

Just the facts, ma’am.

It’s Like An Enron, But For Insurance

Get Rich From Climate Denial and Free Markets


What to do when you’re expecting the end of the world

Are heads in the sand as the waters rise?

James Lovelock is a highly respected British environmental…

Awake at the Big Bend

It was about 3 AM when I woke up, unzipped the tent and looked up, forever changing my relationship with the cosmos…

Park your igloo here

Global warming? Well, only if you want to made fun of—

I’m a bit amazed at the weather forecast for the next upcoming week. Could be one of…

Convincing Congress to Act on Climate Change

By Judy Wiess

Compelling arguments for Congressional climate change action were offered by Ernie Cohen in his Nov. 22 letter to the editor, but he omitted the strongest argument: Justice.

Scientists agree carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced to stabilize the climate and protect the long-term health…

Watch the World's Forests Disappear on Google Earth

888,000 square miles of forest disappeared in the last decade. New maps show where. 


I have come to believe that there is a false choice represented in the debate around climate change these days. On the one hand, we are told, we may choose environmental conservation and productive moderation. And on the other, we are told, we may choose social and ecological adaptation along with unfettered development. Either we keep carbon at bay and India…

What on earth is an RCP?

A quick guide to carbon dioxide emissions scenarios used by the IPCC Assessment Report 5

If you’re reading beyond the headlines about the recent climate change report, you’ll quickly hit lots of references to emissions scenarios called Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs). I’d heard of these, but they were different from…

Do you need a new bike?

7bn reasons why technology wont fix the environment 

Bikes are perhaps one of the most powerful icons of the green movement — low tech…

Big Green Environmentalism’s Big Climate Failure

An interview with Naomi Klein in Earth Island Journal this week confirmed what I've been thinking for some time: The Big Green Groups in the environmental movement are almost as problematic as climate deniers. As Klein puts it:

I think there is a very a deep denialism in the environmental movement among the…

What if the right embraced climate change?

What would be worse than a Republican US government that doesn’t believe in climate change? Perhaps, a Republican US government that does

Your money or your love?

The choice for climate change communications

I was recently asked to speak in a debate at the AGM of Stop Climate Chaos Coalition Scotland…

The Global Implications of Obama’s Climate Plan

President Obama is rolling out a new series of measures to curb carbon emissions in the USA. This is not a Grand American Climate Action Plan. That would require an act of Congress — and we all know how likely they are to come together around this sort of thing. Still, the policies set out by President Obama are important steps toward a…

Greenhouse Gases and the Cloud

A funny thing happened when I began working on a Greenpeace campaign to get Facebook to “Unfriend Coal”. It was early 2010, and climate activists in the U.S…

Why Warren Buffett needs to Tap Dance to a new tune 

There has been wide coverage today of Warren Buffet’s 2012 annual shareholder letter. It was full of useful tips and advice, but what it failed to mention shocked me to my core.The famous investor and author of “Tap Dancing to Work” ends his letter with: “I truly do feel like tap dancing to work every day.” After reading his letter, I…

How to ♲ Like a Boss

Reducing #1, reusing #2, and recycling #3 are the most effective things you can do in your day-to-day life to impact climate change.

Norway still waiting for the climate fix

We know we have to do something about climate change, but all we do is sit with folded hands and wait for a climate fix to fall into our laps. Should Norway take the lead by closing down the North Sea oil fields?

2013 is one more step on the road to our future climate. We don’t know what that climate will be like. We do know that…

My Open Letter to the Planet.

Phrases like “save the planet” or “save the environment” don’t make much sense. The planet and the environment were here long before us, and will continue to be…

Climate Change
Climate Change

Just the facts, ma’am.

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