NFT’s are great(at least pretend it is), and you have created a ton of arts/images with your creativity or created using AI(artificial intelligence). But how to upload multiple images in Opensea? I have often been asked this question. In this article, I will show a method to upload images.

Modern art creation by author

NFT in Opensea


Create a knowledge graph and link different data assets


Knowledge graphs(KG) are compelling in finding and storing a lot of information. The stock market has a ton of data that are scattered around. This article is an initial attempt to build a knowledge graph for stocks using AWS Neptune.

I will try to explain the usage of KG in…


Technical and fundamentals returns are for just on average. Community sentiment and meme stocks have provided crazy returns after Covid. We have seen and heard it multiple times. This article will focus on sentiment analysis using the transformer-based model on Twitter and Reddit comments on any particular stocks.

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash


The current…


We have already seen so many time-series models on different problems, including stock price prediction. However, those were often just a single variant with just price as a predictor. In this article, let us focus on multivariate price prediction using various technical indicators.

I am planning to use the kats


If you have followed my previous articles, I have been making trades for quite some time. However, being a technical and investor, I try to use python packages that simplify and automates my trades. In this article, I will cover top packages which I use in 2021. …


Being a long-term investor, it is tough for me to stay sidelines when wallstreetbets/meme stocks provide a huge return. This article will discuss how to read Reddit data and retrieve stocks discussed from comments and buy them. I am going to discuss two types.

  1. For non-programmers — How to read…


I have been an investor in the stock and crypto market for a while. Due to the busy schedule, I often miss out on some timing to buy or sell stocks. Also, I wanted to limit the number of times I see my brokerage account to control my addiction. …

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I have been an investor in the stock and crypto market for a while. However, the current landscape looks completely different. Currently, valuation does not make any sense! Too much sentiment from investors is changing the prices of crypto. So I have created a system to trade with social sentiments…

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