3 Altcoins You Haven't Heard of that are Soaring right Now!

Over 6,000 coins/ tokens are listed on CoinMarketCap, and it's tough to keep track of various coins booming in the market. So here are three of the altcoins you might not have heard of that are doing pretty good right now.

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Bitcoin is moving down, and as I said in my previous article on the best cryptocurrencies to buy the dip, it's dragging the entire market with it. But it's still better than storing FIAT in your bank account, isn't it? According to reports, 40% of all US dollars in circulation was printed last year. Therefore, Bitcoin is the ultimate store of value.

However, it's not just us who's buying the dip. According to the head map below, it seems that long-term HODLers are stepping in and buying the dip as well.

The hi Dollar

The very first underrated coin on our list is HI, as it went over 4x in less than a month (from $0.33 to $1.41)

As of the present market scenario, we already discussed that bitcoin has dipped below $56,000 and dragged the entire market with it. Therefore, this can prove to be a great time to invest in the hi Dollar. Since, even after the crash, HI managed to hold the strong support zone and is presently trading around $1.Therefore, moving forward in the bull run, it is highly likely that it can bounce off from here and break its all-time high of 1.41 USD.

Looking at the chart below, the market has been moving in a bearish channel since its recent all-time high of $1.41. Moreover, the volume has also been steadily decreasing over time, leading the price towards its demand zone ( which can turn out to be a good accumulation opportunity: use DCA). Apart from this, the market also did two fake breakouts but could not complete a successful retest and went back into the channel. Therefore, the market needs to break out of the bearish channel and complete a retest to observe higher prices. However, until then, you can keep buying and the dip.

7-D chart for HI

Coming to the fundamentals, HI, or the hi Dollar, is the native token for a not-for-profit platform that allows you to buy, send, or withdraw crypto and FIAT currencies directly through Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. Further, the project launched six months ago and is still in its initial days with a circulating market supply of 580,396,604 HI. However, since there is no upper limit to this value, it would be interesting to see where the project goes in terms of circulating supply.

Coming to a different chart, as we can see below, the top 10 addresses hold almost 98% of the total hi dollars in circulation. However, when compared to August, this number has been steadily decreasing, and the total circulation has been moving into investors' hands. Therefore, the project is still in its early days and might turn out to be an excellent opportunity to grab a piece of the cake and ride the bull.

Moreover, the Github repository of hiChain Global has frequently been updated since its launch, and the last update occurred on October 15. The number of hi members has also been steadily rising and is now close to over 2 million.

UniTrade Analysis

The name sounds similar, no? (just replace trade with swap, and you can find it in my last article on best altcoins to buy the dip.) Anyways, UniTrade has been performing significantly well lately. Further, being a decentralized trading platform and being built on top of Uniswap, it can turn out to be a sound investment opportunity.

According to the market data below, the TRADE/USDT pair is forming a bullish bat pattern. Further, in more than 91% of the cases, prices reverse after reaching point D. Therefore, I'd recommend you wait for the market to trace its path to $0.132 and then start accumulating. Since it is highly prominent that the market can turn back from that 0.886 fib level. I have also marked the prices to which the market can potentially run back.

BlockTopia Analysis

Metaverse, put a headset on and dive into the digital world, travel entire galaxies right from your couch, at least according to Mark Zuckerberg. Ever since Facebook rebranded itself to Meta, metaverse coins have been booming significantly. However, there's this one coin that's still in its initial days. BLOK, the native token of Bloktopia, a decentralized metaverse built and backed by the Polygon network, is opening new investment doors.

Looking at the chart, BLOK just broke out from its major resistance zone and is now looking good. Further, it was successfully retested, allowing us to confirm the breakout and assume a bullish sentiment in the market. Additionally, in case it comes back to the $0.076 zone, start DCAing and accumulate as much as you want to. I believe the metaverse-related cryptocurrencies are going to see a perfect boom over the coming period. Therefore, before it's too late, start filling your bags.

Closing Thoughts

The most important part of trading is discipline and patience. So don't just go ahead and go all-in on the coins or tokens we discussed above. However, all of the coins above can be a sound investment, so go ahead and buy the dip.

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Nothing in this article is financial advice, and you should only invest in the market you believe is suitable for your portfolio. Also, the article contains affiliate links, and on clicking on them, I might earn a commission.

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