4 High Liquidity Polygon Bridge

Polygon is actually a layer-2 scaling solution whose main objective is to convey mass adaptation to the Ethereum platform. Polygon brings Layer-2 scalability to Ethereum with its multi-chain ecosystem. It drastically improves the overall efficiency and workings of the Matic network. The main aim is to create more and more solutions to scalability.

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A liquidity bridge is the first thing a decentralized bridge platform needs to get started with the applications. It helps to maintain the risk level while making transactions.

Here, we are going through the top 5 Liquidity Polygon Bridge Service that is top-notch in the service and functionality they provide in terms of liquidity.


NorthBridge is the cross-chain bridge tool that helps you send tokens across the blockchain network. It has support for Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (MATIC), and BITKUB. NorthBridge aims to solve the issue of liquidity running out.

On Northbridge, they solve this issue by creating a yield farm so that other farmers can help provide liquidity and receive a portion of the swap fee.


EvoDefi is a yield farm platform on BSC and Polygon that allows users to increase their farming efficiency by leveling up NFTs. It adopts a unique feature known as evolving token emission method based on the price. This applied method will enable it to maintain and stabilize the price of its native tokens. It is the first yield farm to introduce a powerful deflationary mechanism. It enables us to transfer GENX, USDC & ETH between BSC & Polygon with EVOdefi Bridge.

It also seems that EvoDefo has migrated to v2 which is polygon network technology. With that, they can track new farms/vaults. Now they have made two options available in their drop-down (v2). They still provide the v1 option so that the users can still see if they have any assets that need to be migrated.


Anyswap is a decentralized cross-chain-swap protocol application that runs on the Fusion, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Fantom blockchains. It bridges assets between heterogenous layer-1 platforms and facilitates cross-chain swaps. This decentralized app is based on Fusion DCRM technology that leverages the power of automated pricing and liquidity system. It provides a decentralized cross-chain bridge that enables users to deposit any coins into the protocol and mint-wrapped tokens in a decentralized way.

It empowers users to swap from one coin to another immediately using the cross-chain swap feature. It offers programmed pricing and liquidity so that liquidity can be added or withdrawn into swap pairs by the liquidity provider.


ChainSwap is a decentralized cross-chain asset bridge & application hub for all smart chains. It enables DeFi projects to bridge seamlessly between the blockchains. Its major components are assets, application, agency, and intermediary chain. It aims to create a multi-chain and multi-asset solution that will be applicable for multiple cross-chain swap environments.

It offers a singular connection between the chains for cross-chain applications. The intermediary chain enables cross-chain functionalities. This will empower the deployed projects to harness the access power of all the underlying chains.

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