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Bitcoin Price Temperature (Bands)

An indicator for the price bandwidth of Bitcoin’s 4-year cycle

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok via Pexels

Bitcoin’s 4-year cycle

Figure 1: A logarithmic chart with the Bitcoin price in USD and its 4-year Moving Average

Bitcoin Price Temperature (BPT)

Figure 2: The Bitcoin Price Temperature (BPT)
Figure 3: A comparison of the Bitcoin Price Temperature (BPT) of each halving cycle
Figure 4: The correlation between the BPT values of the current (2020~2024) and previous (2016–2020) halving cycle

Bitcoin Price Temperature (BPT) Bands

Figure 5: The Bitcoin Price Temperature (BPT) Bands for BPT=0 (blue), BPT=2 (green), BPT=6 (orange) and BPT=8 (red)
Figure 6: A Glassnode Workbench version of the BPT (left; source) and BPT Bands (right; source) charts

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Fascinated by #Bitcoin’s on-chain data, 4-year cycle & potential as the base-layer of an optimistic, sound future. Focus on the signal, ignore the noise.