Connect any ERC-1155 Token + Unity in 10 minutes

Leon Do


A platform that connects any Unity project to an ERC1155 token.

Disclaimer: This project has the ChainSafe family! ChainSafe is incredibly excited to have Leon join us as Head of Gaming. His Unity SDK is now publicly available on ChainSafe’s Github here as the Web3.Unity library, where it will continue to get developed. Please check out our announcement article to learn more


Non fungible tokens are on the rise. We’ve seen it in digital art and collectables. We’re now starting to see it in games, VR and AR. But there’s a catch… The tech used to build websites is different than games.


When you look at the crypto space, the top 25 dGames are pwning the rest of the market by an order of magnitude. These are games pulling in $100k — $1 million in volume. What makes these games so compelling?

Out of the top 25 dGames,

10 use Unity’s gaming engine.

Building a game is different than a website. What separates these top dGames is their proper use of tools. They were able to somehow connect their Unity project to the blockchain and stack wei.

Would it be nice to have their tooling and compete with the top 25 dGames? (this is not a rhetorical question).

Tech (no crypto knowledge required)

There’s a steep learning curve to writing smart contracts and building games. Connecting both is challenging.

The beauty with Unity is the ability to abstract a lot of the complexities to fill-in-the-blanks and drag-n-drops.

Simply copy here

and paste here

Everything will connect behind the scenes.

And for more tech savvy users, getting the balance should be like this:


For a working demo:

To purchase the items:


Metamask Fox:

Protocol Labs:

Example transaction


To get early access and announcements, contact us directly on Discord.

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