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Consilient Design
Consilience is the proposition that evidence from independent sources can be converged to create better ideas. This publication brings together divergent theories and techniques in the practice of experience technology design to better support business and social values.
Note from the editor

Consilient Design is a joint project by Mark Marrara and James Lentz. In this publication we intend to identify and promote similar ideas from different design theories and ideologies to describe the deep structure of design practices that serve as a foundation for all. It is our belief that by doing so, we will clarify what methodologies and ideas are most effective in informing good design. Furthermore, we believe this distillation should be simpler and more coherent than sum total of the various design ideologies in the all their complex gory detail.

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Jim Lentz
UX research and design psychologist with interests in the relationship between humans and society, decision making, creativity and philosophy.
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Mark Marrara
Working at the intersection of AI & UX, Mark dives deep into problems that require understanding user motivation, behavior, and learning.