Cord Cutters

The changing landscape of the TV business

Glancing Past Walt

Long after it’s over, Breaking Bad’s legacy will be a case study in gratification

What a Next-Gen Apple TV Could Bring

While I’m not as bullish as others that the following tweet should be taken as gospel, I’ve been thinking a lot recently on what a new version of an…

Cutting the Cord

No cable? No problem. Well, maybe.

Cutting the cord isn’t exactly ground breaking. People have written about the rise of video streaming services and…

Secrets about Cord-Cutting Mythology

Nine Things You Might Not Know About Cord Cutting

The topic of cord cutting is always an interesting one, one that waxes…

Netflix and Binge-Watching

Discussing how Netflix can bring the entire viewing experience from TV to streaming.

Why Distribution is Key to Success for a TV Tech Startup

Defying the common rules around Product-centric lean startups

Look Ma, No More Cable TV! 

Aereo + Nimble TV + Apple TV + YouTube = Cable Be Gone

Finally consumers have choice – at least those that have the technical…

Netflix Reveals the Best Way to Kill BitTorrent Piracy

Access, not criminalization

By Ernesto

How A 17-Year-Old Girl Won a Hackathon

And What It Means for Women in Tech

At this past weekend’s TVnext Hack event, a loose consortium of geeks, hackers, and businessmen from the television and technology industries gathered in a high-rise Boston office building to compete for cash and prizes by inventing and building technologies that add to the experience of…

What Would Steve Jobs Say About Kindle TV?

What to make of Amazon’s rumored entry into the streaming video set-top box game…

Google Fiber, HBO Still Haggling

Google has its MTV. Now it wants its HBO.

The company has been in discussions to bring the pay TV network and hit shows like Girls and Game of Thrones to Google Fiber this year, but the two were still facing hurdles as of a few weeks ago even as Google was prepping for its newly announced high speed Internet expansion into Austin.

Just Call FOX’s Bluff Already

Word is that FOX and possibly another broadcaster want to take their ball and go home. Thanks to a court ruling backing Barry Diller’s Aereo service, which…

The Fallacy of ‘Cutting The Cord’ 

The internet is one part information distribution and one part communications services, the first and only platform in our world to date to do so. Only radio platform comes close in comparison, in combining the two. But unlike the radio platform, the internet can deliver television, print media (albeit digitally), and true telephone communications which…

“Cutting the Cord” will change the game

This weekend I opened up the latest issue of GQ to find a fascinating piece on Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix, and the company’s strategic…

Cord Cutters
Cord Cutters

The changing landscape of the TV business

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