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  • An experimental web browser version of the closed beta game is available now for PC and laptop. Click here to play. All you need is a beta pass in your mobile Algorand wallet.
  • iOs version of the game will launch on Monday 17th of April.
  • We have migrated to a new Cosmic Gold token (ASA 1065092715) that will launch on the 13th of April.
  • All liquidity has been removed from the original COSG token and this token is no longer in use. Do not buy.
  • All COSG holders, Cometa stakers, and liquidity providers in the COSG/ALGO pair on Tinyman, Humble, and Pact on Tuesday 7th of March will receive the same amount of the new token to the same wallet that held the original COSG token.
  • Check your allocation of the new token (held in wallet & staked) here:
  • Check your allocation of the new token (LP providers) here:
  • To prepare for distribution on the 13th of April, opt your wallet into ASA 1065092715.
  • On the 14th of April, we will launch a staking pool on Cometa.
  • On the 18th of April, we will launch liquidity farms on Tinyman, Humble, and Pact.
  • We discussed the migration process at length in a recent AMA hosted on our Twitter account and another hosted by Humble

Game Updates
We have a couple of exciting game developments to share! We’ve just released an experimental web browser version of our closed beta game for PC and laptop. This means all of our community members who do not have an Android smart device can play our game using their web browser on a PC or laptop connected to the internet. To access the browser version of the game, follow this link: All you need to play the game is a mobile Algorand wallet (e.g., Pera wallet) that holds a beta pass which can be purchased from Algogems or Exa Market for around 20 ALGOs. See our earlier blog post for more info about how to access the closed beta. Here’s a video that shows how to connect your mobile wallet to the browser version of the game:

The other exciting game news is that the iOs version is ready and will be launched on Monday the 17th of April! This means anyone with a capable laptop, PC, Apple smart device, or Android smart device will be able to play our game. Stay tuned to our social media channels for more information and get ready to battle!

COSG Migration
Here at Cosmic Champs, we believe preventative action is better than corrective action. That’s why, we decided to abandon the original Cosmic Gold (COSG) token and migrate to a new token when the recent MyAlgo wallet hacks intensified and we assessed our exposure via stolen community tokens. This blog post outlines our reasoning and the process of claiming the new token for all holders of the original token. Warning: please do not buy the original COSG token (ASA 571576867) as it has been abandoned. We published a previous blog post that answers a broader range of common questions about token migration from our community.

Why are we migrating to a new token?
We were closely watching the situation from the moment we learned about the MyAlgo wallet hacks. Initially, the hacker only targeted high-value wallets but soon started draining any wallet they could access. We predicted that if the stolen COSG tokens were dumped the price would drop by over 50%. As is common practice with altcoins, our original token was created without clawback or freeze functionality so the stolen tokens presented serious ongoing risks to the project and our community. We chatted with our VCs about the best course of action and decided that the best way to protect ourselves and our community was to abandon the original COSG token and migrate to a new one. This would immediately mitigate the risks and render the stolen COSG worthless.

When did we abandon the original COSG token?
At 12:56 am UTC on Tuesday the 7th of March (block 27461026) we drained all liquidity in the ALGO/COSG pairs on Tinyman, Humble, and Pact. We took snapshots of all COSG held in wallets, committed to our Cometa staking pool, and locked in liquidity in the drained ALGO/COSG pairs.

Who will receive the new token?
Every wallet (except known hacker wallets) that held the original COSG token at the time of the snapshot will receive the same number of tokens (1:1) when we distribute the new COSG token. You can check the allocation for your wallet here:

How do you access the new token?
If your wallet is eligible for an allocation of COSG V2 then you need to opt that wallet into the new token (ASA 1065092715) so you are ready for distribution. That is all you need to do. The new token has been verified by AlgoExplorer and Pera wallet so it should be easy to find when searching for the ASA Id. Detailed instructions about how to opt-in to the new token are included at the bottom of this blog post.

We will begin distribution of the new token to all eligible wallets that have opted in on Thursday 13th of April. We will not publish the specific time of the token launch as a protective measure against bots. We discourage everyone in our community from buying the new token in the first few blocks after it launches as this is when bots tend to be most active.

Here is a timeline of events for the distribution of the new token.

Monday 20th March

Thursday 13th April

  • Distribute 1st half of the tokens to all opted-in wallets

Friday 14th of April

  • Launch staking pool on Cometa

Tuesday 18th of April

  • Launch liquidity farms on Tinyman, Humble, and Pact

Thursday 20th April

  • Distribute 2nd half of all tokens to all opted-in wallets

If you hold the original COSG token, you do not need to do anything with it. If you want to remove it from your wallet, send it to the creator wallet: OAKHGK7IPSY7633IJ7PZADSNXU6K4FJFIHB7SEO2YQJYWLWOFGHT5MTALI.

What can the new token be used for?
We will launch a staking pool on Cometa and liquidity farms on Humble and Tinyman around the time we distribute the new token so it can be used to earn more COSG V2 rewards. It can be used to buy and sell our NFTs on Algogems and Exa Market. It can also be used to gain entry to our NFT lottery and in-game benefits via our COSG Holder Tiers.

What happened to liquidity provided by the community?
Community liquidity providers were included in the snapshot and will be reimbursed for both the COSG and ALGOs they put into the pair on either Tinyman, Humble, or Pact. All you need to do is opt into the new COSG token. The same number of each token you had locked in liquidity will be sent to the same wallet before we new token is launched.

How do you opt-in to the new COSG token using Pera wallet?
Follow the steps below.

1 Open your wallet in Pera using the mobile or browser wallet.

2 Click the + button to add a new asset.

3 Enter the ASA Id 1065092715 into the search bar and select Cosmic Gold. Make sure it has a blue tick which indicates that it is verified.

4 Add the asset by clicking the + Opt-in to Asset button.

5 Click the Approve button to sign the transaction to add the asset.

6 That’s it. You’ve added the COSG token to your Pera wallet. You should now see it listed alongside the other tokens in your wallet.

DISCLAIMER: No team member will DM you about the new token. Do not give your wallet keys to anyone claiming to be from the team. There is no new token yet so please do not buy anything labeled Cosmic Gold or similar. The migration plan provided in this blog post may change. Check our announcements on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, or Reddit for confirmation of the launch dates.

Cosmic Champs is a play and earn, tower rush, real-time strategy game developed by gaming studio, Mad Shapes. It aims to remove many of the existing barriers to entry for typical P2E games. This means it’s mobile-first and no wallet, tokens, or NFTs are required to play when we officially launch. These innovations position Cosmic Champs to become the benchmark for crypto games in GameFi. The game will be accessible via Android and iOS devices or via a web browser. Cosmic Champs NFTs are the gold standard in 3D game-ready NFTs on the Algorand blockchain. Cosmic Champs graduated from the Algorand Foundation and Draper University Blockchain Accelerator Program in 2021 and conducted an over-subscribed private sale led by Borderless Capital.

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