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Attention all Champs, we have a new installment of our developer updates ready for you. There’s been a lot of new additions to the game so let’s summarise them and look at what’s coming next. Hint: COSG holder tiers, deck selector, a tournament, new characters, and more. 🤫

iOS and browser versions of the game

Last month we massively expanded the accessibility of our closed beta game by releasing an iOS version of the game for iPhone users and an experimental browser-based version of the game for PC users. To access the browser version of the game, head over to: The webpage will detect your device and refer you to the appropriate version of that game. All you need to play is a mobile Algorand wallet (e.g., Pera wallet) with a beta pass which can be purchased from Algogems or Exa Market for around 20 ALGOs. See our earlier blog post for more info about how to access the closed beta. Here’s a video that shows how to connect your mobile wallet to the browser version of the game:

Bot mode

You can now play games of Cosmic Champs at any time! We’ve added a bot opponent to the game for those times when there isn’t another human player to match you against. The game will search for a human player first and if one cannot be found then you will battle against a bot. This will allow you to play with different decks and hone your skills. This will be particularly useful when we release the deck selector (see the What’s next? section).

What’s next?

COSG holders tiers. The tiers are back! And we’ve got an extra special reward for everyone who qualifies for the silver tier or higher (at least 25,000 COSG). Please welcome our good friend PP Ram to the Cosmic Champs universe! This very special limited-edition froggy will be dealing big damage in the game as soon as it’s received in your wallet. We’ll take a snapshot next week of all COSG holders to determine tier qualification. For this month only, tier qualification will be based on a single snapshot so anyone holding 25,000 COSG or more next week will receive PP Ram. We’ll make an announcement with more details in a few days.

Deck selector. We’ve added a deck selector to the game that we’re currently testing. This means you’ll be free to select any deck of Champs you like! If there are no major issues, we will release it on Friday the 19th of May. We’re also overhauling the UI to give it a fresh look and add more functionality.

Tournament. Early in June, we’re planning to host a tournament with lots of epic prizes for players. It’s going to be HUGE. We’ll release more information about it in the next week or two. Start sharpening your skills so you can fill a bag with loot.

New characters. We’re working on adding the remaining season 2 Champs to the game and will also release some brand-new characters soon.

Ranking. A simple version of ranking has already been implemented in the game. We will be updating it soon to a more sophisticated system. Ranking is important for game progression and matching players at similar experience and skill levels in PVP mode.

Cosmic Champs is a play and earn, tower rush, real-time strategy game developed by gaming studio, Mad Shapes. It aims to remove many of the existing barriers to entry for typical P2E games. This means it’s mobile-first and no wallet, tokens, or NFTs are required to play when we officially launch. These innovations position Cosmic Champs as the benchmark for crypto games in GameFi. The game will be accessible via Android and iOS devices or via a web browser. Cosmic Champs NFTs are the gold standard in 3D game-ready NFTs on the Algorand blockchain. Cosmic Champs graduated from the Algorand Foundation and Draper University Blockchain Accelerator Program in 2021 and conducted an over-subscribed private sale led by Borderless Capital.

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Cosmic Champs
Cosmic Champs

Cosmic Champs is building the first 3d P2E NFT mobile game on the Algorand blockchain.