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This post was updated in May, 2022

You’ve seen stories published here on Medium, you’ve heard others who have published here talk about it, or you’ve found Medium while looking for places to write online. Either way, you might have some questions on how publishing works on Medium. We’ve gathered some information that can be helpful as you get started.

Who can write and publish?

Anyone can! You don’t have to apply and be accepted to write. All you need to do is sign up.

Do I have to be vetted?

You do not have to be vetted in any way to write on Medium. You don’t have to apply or take a writer’s quiz, or send a piece in to be considered. All you have to do is create an account.

What can be published on Medium?

You can publish anything as long as it doesn’t violate the Medium Rules.

Who can see my stories?

Once you’ve published a story, anyone who opens up the link can read it. Readers who follow you on Medium will see your stories in their “Following” section on their homepage. It can also show up in their Daily Digest email. If the story is curated, it will be distributed through recommendations, generally based on the reader’s interests. These recommendations show up on the homepage and the Daily Digest, and are unique to each reader.

I don’t know what to write about. What do I do?

This happens to new writers and experienced writers, you’re not alone! You can see a few tips we’ve gathered from Medium writers. Also, check out Write Here, our writing prompts series.

Here’s a recording of a recent workshop about discovering your “thing” as a writer:

How do I grow my readership?

Begin by building a regular cadence of writing, and then find your beat. You might not have an audience as you get started, remember — that’s part of the process. Promote your stories, and explore ways to connect with your readers beyond publishing. Take time to read and support other writers. Check out this growth guide as you get started.

What are publications on Medium?

Publications are one of the ways stories are collected and distributed on Medium. Many publications on Medium accept submissions. Each publication has a different way of doing this. You can read more about publications and submitting to them in “If You Are Looking to Write for Publications, Start Here.”

Can I get paid to write?

On Medium, writers have the opportunity to be paid through the Partner Program.

What posts are behind the paywall?

A post is behind the paywall if its author has chosen to monetize it. Being behind the paywall means a reader has to be a paying Medium member in order to read it. Membership subscriptions pay the writers in the Partner Program.

Medium writers have the option to meter stories (put them behind the paywall) and earn based on member engagement. Stories that are metered have a star next to the read time, above the title. Learn more about Medium’s Partner Program here.

Where can I find resources for writing?

Creators Hub is Medium’s official blog for writers, and includes tips and advice on using Medium. You can find more resources in our Help Center.

Know any great pubs, stories, or other resources for writing on Medium? Add them in the responses here.



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