The Dogcat Days of Summer

Enter to win a free Exclusive Dogcat!

Your Kitties are valuable in many different ways. During the Dogcat Days of Summer, even your least favourite Kitty might help you win one of the rarest CryptoKitties in the game… an Exclusive Dogcat!

Remember those adorable Dogcats of yesteryear? (Woah, or was that this year? Time is hard to track when you’re pioneering new technology!) Well, they weren’t just rare. They didn’t just win March Madness. They also didn’t all make it out of the doghouse. That’s right — we still have a few DogCats, and we love them so much we need to share some of that love.

What does that mean? We’re running a giveaway for a Dogcat of your very own!

To enter the giveaway, just gift a Kitty to the CryptoKitties Team wallet address:
One cat = one entry. We’ll put your cast-off Kitties into a collection and show them off for all to see.

Starting at midnight UTC on August 14, and going until midnight UTC on August 21, you can send us one cat a day. Each cat gets you one entry into our blind prize draw.

Send us your favourite Kitties! Actually please don’t. That would be really sad… Send us your least favourite Kitties! And may the odds be ever in your favour.

Let’s hear it again!

  • August 14 to August 21
  • Send cats to this wallet:
  • One cat per day per CK account

Have any questions? We’ll be happy to answer them, and provide more details about the giveaway, on Discord.

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