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Stories about the ideas and people shaping the future of work. Welcome to the conversation.
Note from the editor

Northeastern University launched CXO Magazine to help leaders navigate the rapid transformation that is changing how everyone does their job. We’re looking globally for unique perspectives, stories, and solutions. And we want to know what you’re thinking about—and how you’re getting ready for—the future of work.

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CXO Magazine
Ideas that shape work.
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Clare Horn
Contributing editor @northeastern
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Chris Roth
Senior Experience Designer @northeastern
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John Ombelets
Senior executive editor at Northeastern University and CXO Magazine contributing writer
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Lonnie Shekhtman
Writing about science, technology, and innovation.
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Whitney Eulich
Whitney Eulich is a print and radio journalist based in Mexico City.
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Edd Gent
Freelance writer covering engineering, computing and biology, with a particular interest in the intersections between the three. Based in Bangalore, India.
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Jonathan Chew
Writer, with work published in Fortune, Esquire, Monocle, The Guardian.
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Alexandra Samuel
Keynote speaker. Contributor to Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, JSTOR Daily. Author, Work Smarter with Social Media. Freelance writer for hire.
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Schuyler Velasco
Schuyler Velasco is a senior writer for CXO Magazine, a new publication from Northeastern University covering the future of work.
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Colleen Flynn
Freelance writer interested in diversity and inclusion in the workplace, as well as outdoor recreation, travel, and environmental sustainability.
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J.J. McCorvey
New York-based journalist, asst. editor @FastCompany. Geeking out over technology, comic books, and pop culture. Trying to be more amazing than I was yesterday.
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Eric Niiler
Science writer @WIRED, science writing teacher at Johns Hopkins. Ski instructor living near Washington, DC. Love Antarctica, bikes and Eesti. @eniiler
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Lydia Dishman
Reporting on workplace trends and leadership. Find me @FastCompany and others. Bronx native. Fordham alum.
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Luke Stangel
Luke is a freelance journalist who writes for the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Northeastern University, Stanford University and others.
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Michele Chandler
Business reporter keeping an eye on the people and trends that make Silicon Valley and tech tick. Contributor to: @investors @cxo_magazine @theregistrysf
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Paul Roberts
Editor of The Security Ledger and reporter covering all things cyber security. A blogger, runner and dad. Opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.
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Rakesh Sharma
Freelance journalist writing about the intersection of technology with business, work, and energy. www.rakeshksharma.com
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Grace Dobush
Freelance journalist, freelance vagabond
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Glenn McDonald
Freelance writer and game designer with NPR, National Geographic Science, Seeker, Thrillist and CXO Magazine.
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Tracy Staedter
Writer and editor covering sustainable technology with a focus on energy, conservation, food and urban resilience.
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Andy Bochman
Watching the border of cyber and energy security … and sometimes doing more than watching. Also on Twitter @andybochman
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Robert Lemos
Cybersecurity journalist, data science wonk, technology philosopher
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Monica M. Ruiz
Cyber Initiative and Special Projects Fellow @Hewlett_Found. Views my own.
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Nadya Bliss
Director, Global Security Initiative, Arizona State University; Computing Community Consortium Council; Previously at MIT Lincoln Laboratory; @nadyabliss