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4 Roles A Designer Should Take On

Some simple ideas on how to be more than a designer

The following quote is from Milton Glaser, in a presentation to the AIGA…

A manifesto for creative professionals

We are amplifiers. Clients need to bring their skilled craft to the table for any project to succeed.

Interfaces in need

Facebook doesn’t need your design help. But there are many other companies that do.

5 things designers wish their clients from hell knew

The long, painful battle between graphic designers and clients never ends. There are lots of things designers want to say to their clients, but it seems they never say that directly to their clients (of course, who would?). After asking some of my fellow designers what they wish their clients from hell knew, I compile a list that…

Best thing to do when clients don’t listen

Sometimes clients don’t really know what they want, which ends up wasting lots of time and money. But it’s not good either when they know exactly what they want and start to make all the design decisions for you – the designer. So what should you do now?

Google Android’s 3 UX Design Principles and 2 Jars of Marbles

In their presentation at Google I/O, the designers share their design principles and how they make…

Make Every Pixel Count

Your eyes were designed to explore a rich and physical world. But you’re looking at a screen right now. In fact, you probably spend a lot of your day looking at a…

How to make your website credible.

People will judge a book by its cover (instantly, too). If you’re trying to sell or promote anything online, no one is going to buy or listen unless they…

The Two Corners of Unsolicited Redesigns

The split between designers who post unsolicited redesigns and those who wish they wouldn’t.

On the subject of… Scrolling

On the subject of…


Scrolling on the web is something that we take for granted when thinking about how users will…

Three Excuses You Give (When You Know Your Art Sucks)

“All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first…

Drag & Drop: Think Twice

It’s not a UX panacea.

Nothing embodies the graphical user interface like drag & drop. You use a mouse pointer (or, more recently, a finger) to select an object and move it to a new location. Often the object, its original location, and the destination are abstract concepts, mapped onto physical ones via familiar metaphors. It’s relatively easy…

Make Something Useful Instead

The future looks bleak.

Now that we’ve all become online gurus, relentless marketers and (over)-promoters, there’s little room left to…

UI: It’s Not the Tool.

When good mock-up tools go bad.

There are many times in professional life when those who are not UI/UX designers are called upon to do the job…

Surf Pop: Apple’s Stylistic Return to California

Why Apple is re-aligning itself with its contemporaries and the subcultures it helped create.

Skeuomorphism’s Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

The new design of iOS 7 may not be as different as you think.

Theft & Iteration

How I learned web design.

In the beginning, I already knew how to program (albeit in different languages) and what I knew of design was only related…

Critiquing mockups

Advice for clients of web design.

No client assumes they know anything about web design until they’re looking at a mockup they’ve paid for, which…

The Argument Isn’t Skeuomorphic vs. Flat

You’re beating the wrong dead horse.

If you see a post on Designer News about skeuomorphic design, flat design, or any comparison of the two, you’ll now see a “Beating Dead Horse” icon next to it. The topic is tired, and many of the arguments are a carbon copy of the last.

Side projects are the new resume

Applying for jobs can make you feel old, especially in the tech world. No one cares about your resume anymore. Hardly anyone asks where you went to college. And where years ago you would have proudly touted this or that achievement, these days the bigger question is what you’re working on right now, outside of work.

Web Design Tips for Non-Web Designers

Here are some general guidelines to ponder before asking your web designer to create or change something in your website design. 

‘Bad Design’ is Sometimes the Best Design

Snapchat consistently ranks highly in the App store. I also hear designers consistently ridicule it for being ugly and unpolished.

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Design Bits

Thoughts and inspiration about design.

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