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Post-Launch The Honeymoon phase: Don’t Lose Focus

Anybody can be the new kid on the block. But can you sustain this growth?

“Fortune favors the…

Don’t let bad process or structure kill great design

Encouragement for UX Designers lost in bad process and structure.

“Bad design is seldom caused by…

Why artists don’t give a crap about your brand. 

How I tried pitching to an artist and failed for good. 

You Can Already Code—You Just Don’t Know It Yet

When someone tells you they code, it’s as if they’re calling you from inside the world’s most exclusive club. It’s probably a pretty great…

Buffering Dribbble. 

An idea to seamlessly amalgamate the two.

I am a really big fan and power user of Buffer for months now. Here is a feature I have been dying to…

The delightful future of SaaS


Let’s start with a look at Medium. What is it really, and why (ignoring the calibre of it’s founders) has it risen to significance when blogging is about as old-school an idea as it gets? Really, the nuts and bolts are that it’s just another place we can write about stuff and publish it online. Feature wise, it falls well short of what…

No More Free Pitching

Refusing the way this seems to work.

Over the years I have received many emails from companies inviting us to join a free pitch. Being…

The No-process Process

Steal This Idea by Marty Neumeier 

Designers have been touting process for decades. Why? Because clients need reassurance that their…

My Notes: The future of web design 2014 

Notes from some of my favourite talks at the future of web design conference in London

That Turtleneck is Choking You

How pretending to be a designer is killing your career. 

Let’s get something out of the way, this article isn’t about Steve Jobs…

The Devil is in the details

Metaphorically speaking.

When people say that the devil is in the details, they mean that small things in plans and actions that are often…

6 “Ah Ha” Moments from SXSW 2014

From Internet Privacy to Keeping My Phone Alive

SXSW 2014 has ended, with 25,000-ish attendees heading home after almost a week…

The Internet Loves Anonymity but Hates Dishonesty

Lessons learned from a posting on Reddit

After completing our MVP (the Bay Area’s favorite three letters)…

Business, Sales, and Persuasion Tips from The Wolf of Wall Street

Keeping Entrepreneurs Local

Why cities around the world are incenting entrepreneurs and the businesses they found to stay local. 

Design for Delight

The Design Philosophy at Intuit

I had the privilege of visiting the Intuit campus yesterday, thanks to my friend, Vince. Over lunch, he began to…

Any nerd can build an app. 

The DIY approach for mobile development. 

Your ‘very technical’ niece, some overseas coder or your IT guy could probably…

Get Lean #2 — The Weekly Retro

The best way to end the week (apart from going to the pub obviously)

The key to Productivity is Organisation. 

Organisation by design. 

The key to productivity is organisation.

I failed this really simple riddle

try out this riddle with people you know…

We were sitting at the breakfast table (well actually it was an everything table)…

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Learnings. Musings. Stories.

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