Your job is story.

Whether you are a CEO, an entrepreneur, a product manager, a designer, a consultant or a freelancer—your job is story.

Skip your history and your most recent accomplishments: The real story is the promise your brand makes.

Every action you take is a promise delivered to your audience. Are you promising unlimited, free-flowing creativity? Are you promising strict attention to detail? Are you promising rigorous testing? Cutting-edge experimentation? Data-driven decisions? Raw artistic talent?

What is your promise?

Learn the structure and articulate your ideas to instigate change.

Use story to win.

If you find yourself stuck with a product that does harm in the world, try to quit—find a different product or client or job. Snuff the urge to use what you know about story to help a bad product win. Instead use your skills with story to win a great job with a company that creates positive change. See your work as a chance to help.

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