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Characteristics of a User Experience Designer

Google’s job description calls for User Experience Designers that are critical thinkers with a good design sense, a strong technical background, and an eye for making things better. While these traits are certainly important, there are three main characteristics all UX designers should have to be successful in their profession.

User Experience Design is a Fad

Author’s note: I actually wrote this article a few years back. As I began reading through it again in preparation to post it here on Medium, I had to laugh a little while recalling the current state of designer job titles I’ve seen lately—Product Designer seeming to be the most recent and most popular. I leave this here in it’s original state, but enjoy the

Explaining app mechanics with animations

Animations got the power to explain particularities of custom app mechanics. This is how its made in yep! app.

A Rewarding Experience

Looking at why we come back.

Throughout the development of our product, we knew that no matter how great the features were, no matter how…

You’re a designer, architect, psychologist, sometimes CEO, and much more.

Just 5 out of the 100+ Roles of a Designer

Hypars, Leibniz, Félix Candela & Arthur Erickson

Felix Candela
(b. Madrid, Spain 1910; d. 1997) Felix Candela was born in Madrid in 1910. He entered Madrid’s Escuela Superior de

Lessons learned while designing a timeline

Timelines are everywhere, especially in social media: Facebook is a timeline of your life; Twitter is a timeline of your microblog musings; Path

Embed Videos, Tweets, Code, Music, and More into Your Medium Stories

We’re excited to announce that you can easily embed videos, Tweets, Vines, other Medium posts, and music from Rdio into Medium posts.

To access the “+” menu to embed your media, press return after your last sentence, or just paste the URL into the location you’d like it to appear in your post and…

Redefining Mobile User Interfaces with Cards

Simple. Interactive. Powerful

With so many mobile applications releasing everyday, very few catch our attention. Some…

State of The Hamburger Buttons

How are they doing today and can we avoid them once and for all?

There has been a lot talked about the notorious ‘hamburger…

Typesetting & Your App

What can go wrong will go wrong by default

Typesetting may seem like a mundane aspect of designing an app, but it is one of the most…

Creating Better Typographic Hierarchy

The most overlooked element in interaction design.

Typographic hierarchy is often overlooked in interaction design…

Small Data: Why Tinder-like apps are the way of the future

Card-swiping, anticipatory computing, and the problem with Netflix, iTunes, and Foursquare

Design for Delight

The Design Philosophy at Intuit

I had the privilege of visiting the Intuit campus yesterday, thanks to my friend, Vince. Over lunch, he began to…

It’s all about context

Designing the contextual interface

In the near future everything we design must be hooked to context.

What I Learned About Design at Squarespace

3 Lessons from two years at a startup in New York.

As I began to clear out my desk that last week at Squarespace…

Three things you learn as a young designer...

Words of wisdom for those entering a career in design.

Doing Without Thinking

Testing the expectation of users, with Pocket as a case study

I’ve been a Pocket user for a while now (RIL anyone?). Many people have…

The Internet Loves Anonymity but Hates Dishonesty

Lessons learned from a posting on Reddit

After completing our MVP (the Bay Area’s favorite three letters)…

Improve the payment experience with animations

Behind the scenes of Stripe Checkout

It’s easy to see how designing forms can be seen as a chore that detracts…

The State of In-Car UX

No matter the price or the brand, the interfaces that adorn today’s vehicles are in a bad place. Thankfully, there’s hope.

Washing Machine for Men

Redefining washing machine user interface

I’ve been living in 6 different places for last 2 years. Everywhere I’ve had to use a washing…

Debunking the UX myth. Over again.

What are really the differences between a UI and a UX designer or how to forget vanity titles and use logic instead.  

The UX vs UI concern

The difference between UX and UI has come to the general public (read internet geeks) attention a while back when internet made a jump to the 2.0 era…

Design Considerations for Little Fingers

Designing UI and UX for Children

Designing interfaces and apps for kids is not just a matter of simplification or making…

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