Day 152 or “The Day Stormy Wakes First”

As much as would prefer to stay in bed this morning, a tummy slap from a tiny hand jolts me awake. Before I can get angry she looks at me with her eyes as if everything is fine. One *sigh* later and I remind her that it’s much nicer to wake up with a gentle shake than a slap. The consequence is that I am now awake. As I am the last one awake today, I hand Stormy to her grandmother to get her dressed while I get myself ready for work.

Today Stormy has a play-date with one of her friends from school. After breakfast (Vegemite Toast like a champion) she jumps on the scooter and off we go. It’s amazing how a small girl can break all known laws of physics when she wants. I press the doorbell to her friends house and, as soon as it’s open, she’s disappeared. One second she’s by my side, the next she’s somewhere in their house. I make small talk with her mother and ensure that everyone is happy before I scoot off to work.

After work, Stormy channels her innermost Gandhi. Not a tear or tantrum in sight, but continuous and unceasing passive resistance to everything. 4 hours later, her dinner still sits uneaten on the table but at least she has finally fallen asleep.

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