Day 153 or “The Day Likes My Game”

A combination of an early morning meeting for me and a sleep-in for Stormy means that I see her for about 5 minutes this morning. She’s disappointed that I don’t have time to play Monopoly with her. Surprisingly, so am I.

In the evening, I attempt to get Stormy to read to me. Neither cajoling, bribery and threats work. “It’s too hard” or “it’s boring” are regular statements. In desperation, I invent a little game where I write names of various objects in our house on post-its and she has to read them to put them on the thing. It actually works. She sounds out the words and has fun doing it. Although, she’s still lazy and tries to guess half the time. “W.i.n.d.o.w., um, chair!” she exclaims. “*sigh*, try again”. It’s a start.

After an hour of this, I’m almost relieved when I can put a movie on. Even if it is Trolls again.

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