Day 169 or “The Day We’re Alone Again”

The house is quiet this morning. Somehow we all manage to sleep in. I include the cat in that statement which is amazing in it’s own right.

However, all good things must come to an end and the house slowly awakens. By 9am we’re awake and ready to face the day. But what to do? The day itself is a conundrum. Her “Uncle” (not actually a blood-relative but a family-friend referred to as such in the ways of families everywhere) is only in Singapore for one more day. It becomes a question of “how do I entertain a 5 year-old and a tourist without tears”. We start with the easy decision and go to Toastbox for breakfast. From there we decide on the Science Center. Why? Because everyone loves Tesla Coils.

A few hours of exploring the wonders of science and McDonalds we return home. We’re all pretty exhausted so we collapse on the sofa for a mid-afternoon movie and nap. The nap part is short lived as whenever either of us fall asleep there is a small girl bouncing on our heads within seconds.

It’s getting late after the movie and our thoughts turn to dinner. What is a good final dinner for a tourist and a 5 year-old? Chicken Rice. Specifically Michelin starred Chicken Rice. We head down to Chinatown and, after a short explore to find their new outlet, partake in the worlds cheapest Michelin star dinner. It’s good, although to be honest I like my rice a little more chicken-y. Is it worth $3.80, absolutely.

After dinner, we bid her Uncle farewell and start getting ready for bed. I think Stormy is sadder about his leaving than she was about her mother. Once the bath is done, milk is drunk, and teeth are brushed I take a moment to look around the house. It’s been less than 24 hours since her mother has departed for her new job in Melbourne and already the house is a disaster. There is Lego in at least three different rooms and most of it delicately arranged to maximise foot destruction. This is going to be a fun evening.

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