Day 223 or “T-2”

Eid Mubarak and Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all my Muslim friends!

This means that it’s a public holiday here in Singapore. A chance to sleep in and catch up on some much-needed rest. Or that was the plan. Stormy’s internal body clock wakes her at 6:55. She proceeds to wake me 30 seconds later. I try to roll over and ignore her, but she starts yelling “wake up Daddy” into my ear. I don’t know where she learnt this, but I don’t like it. It’s super effective.

Dragging myself out of bed, I realise that I’m regretting the drinks from last night. I put on morning cartoons (quietly) to keep Stormy occupied while I try and get the morning started. Luckily Stormy has a play-date this morning. Unluckily it’s in our house. I toy with the idea of cancelling, or foisting Stormy onto them, but decide to go through with it. This is Stormy’s last chance to play with some of these friends. I can’t keep that from her.

Her friend comes over and they immediately disappear into her bedroom while I get an adult conversation for a change. I hear them run out, giggle, and run back. The second time this happens I listen closer and realise they’ve run into the kitchen. After they’ve giggled and run back, I walk in to see what they’ve done. It all looks normal until I realise the lid of the sweetie jar is loose. They literally climbed up on the counter, reached into the top cupboard and raided the sweets. I am a proud father at this moment. I also find a new hiding place.

They come out a third time, and are suddenly surprised. They come to me exclaiming. “Daddy, someone has stolen our sweeties”! “Oh no, maybe they’re invisible” I suggest. After some arm twisting (both figurative and literal), I own up to moving them. “One more and then we go down for a swim” I say. They seem happy.

After a swim and lunch with her friend, we bid them good bye. Sadly, the good-byes we say now may well be the last time we see some of these people. It’s very sad.

After I take Stormy into the city to meet a colleague from India who’s here for the day. She’s well behaved until the phone runs out of batteries. But, by now it’s getting late so Stormy and I decide to see what’s on at the cinema for movie night. We end up watching, and enjoying, Cars 3 (after the usual dinner). Stormy is so tired after her day that she’s asleep almost instantly once we get home.

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