Day 49

Today went by so quickly. I crashed for nearly 10 hours. It could have been longer, but Stormy decided it was time I woke up. She was probably right.

At this time she decides that she doesn’t want to wear clothes. I try to explain that it’s OK to run around naked in the house, but not when going to play sports. We spend nearly 30 minutes arguing about this. It takes everything I have to keep the palpable frustration out of my voice.

Unmovable object meet irresistible force.

Somehow I won. Once she changes her mind, Stormy acts as though that was always her decision in the first place. She dresses and is happily ready to go to Sportsball. Today it’s golf. From there a quick trip to Daiso and then to the bookstore for a new reading book. We discover that Plaza Singapura has a Tsum Tsum event on with some small activities. Stormy wants to play with the playdough. We burn through an hour creating little figures. As a side note, I’ve never heard of Tsum Tsum before and I am slightly confused…

It starts raining as we get home, so Stormy spends a few hours alternating between watching TV and bothering the dog.

Dinner time and we Skype mummy. Stormy decides to show her mother that she can eat rice with her hands. It is incredibly messy.

The frustration of the morning returns as she decides that she won’t have a bath or brush her teeth. “It’s boring”. It takes about an hour before I convince her. My favourite point was where I offer to brush her teeth for her. “You can’t rinse my mouth for me” she exclaims. I can’t help but thinking that she underestimates the power of a high pressure hose.

* For those who missed the context, I’m not actually single. My wife has started a 5-month contract in Australia (yay). This is a Very Good Thing™. Stormy will be staying with me here in Singapore and I have great help both remotely (from my wife) and locally. I’m writing this purely for fun and to practice writing. :-)

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