The New Monasticism

The New Monasticism

The New Monasticism

Martin Luther and John Calvin

Bede Griffiths peered into the future of monasticism

The ‘monastery’ is in all of us.

Ecumenical and Social Approaches

“Monasticism in all its expressions is, in part, protest.” — Dr. Andy Fitz-Gibbon, abbot.

Dr Andy Fitz-Gibbon, abbot of the Lindisfarne Community on the New Monasticism. What is Monasticism?

The Mystical Approach

Our monks and nuns include those who are white collar, blue collar and no collar.

Mark Walter, founder, The Little Creek Monastery

Monastic Mission

  1. Sharing individual experiences in consciousness and awareness;
  2. Encouraging discussions concerning the challenges of the teacher/apprentice relationship;
  3. Constantly seeking better ways to experience a more connected, relaxed and simpler way of living.

Monastic Vows

The Nine Vows of the New Monastics



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Mark Walter

Construction worker and philosopher: “When I forget my ways, I am in The Way”