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Thoughts and ideas about academia, dropouts, and everything in between.

Reflections on Homeschooling

Why homeschooling might be better for your child…and for you. 

I’m father to a 15 year old boy and a 2 year old girl.

The Digital Recession

Why the film industry is “imploding”.

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The Education Network

Classroom blogging and digital education

The digital world is always shifting and we all know it. Myspace, once the king of social networks…

Dear Rep. Havard: Finland Has National Standards

They’re not afraid of national education standards in Lapland, so why should we be in Louisiana?

“You’re stupid because you have bad grades.”

Wear a suit&tie and you will automatically be smart.

Thanks to my mother, I had the privilege to go to school in…

Deconstructing Mercedes

A closer look at a recent attack on the Recovery School District exposes serious flaws in methods, motives

The LEGO Theory – understanding where innovation (really) comes from

Although its effects aren’t immediate, LEGO bricks have led to more innovation by proxy than any…

UTNO’s Call From Beyond The Grave

It’s true that ghosts come out around Halloween

It’s true that ghosts come out around Halloween, or at least so it seems with…

David Kelley, founder of IDEO and Stanford’s, on How To Do Design Thinking

David Kelley presents a universal method for generating creative breakthroughs. I interviewed

Ed Reform Cynics Are So Predictable

LDOE releases good news about Louisiana’s schools and critics go into denial 

Grit, Optimism, And Other Buzzwords Schools Use To Perpetuate Social Injustice

Angela Duckworth was recently awarded a $625,000 “no strings attached” MacArthur genius grant for her…

Dump the Core, Depose the King

Even Commissioner John King can no longer sell the Common Core to parents. No one is buying it. 

Anti-Reformers’ Strategy: If You Can’t Win, Obstruct Instead

BESE insiders say: “Get ready for the marathon.”

Andrea Gabor’s Underhanded Attack on New Orleans Schools

When Newsweek sends an outspoken critic of education reform to New Orleans, the truth suffers.

2,000 True Fans: Making Chess cool for kids using Star Wars LEGO

“If you are one in a million, then there are 2000 of you on the internet”

 How a School That Lets Kids Play All Day Sends 90% of Graduates to College

What do you think happens when you put kids in total control of their education?

The Loneliest Human in the Universe

Al Worden on Flying to the Moon and Coming Back to Earth

Col. Al Worden is an Astronaut, Engineer and the Command Module

Doodle Your Way to Success

I always knew of the importance of visual thinking and had taken advantage of information graphics to speed up my learning curve on various topics, but had never…

Pale Blue Dot(s)

Cassini snaps Earth and Moon from Saturn

In a conscious nod and homage to Carl Sagan, the Cassini mission to Saturn has taken new photos of the pale

This Too Shall Pass: Tracing an Ancient Jewish Folktale

What do Abraham Lincoln, The Ben Ish Chai from Baghdad, Fariduddin Attar, and Anton Chekhov have in common?

Storyboard Your Life

A storyboard is a sequence of images and words drawn together on a page to form a narrative.

Education Today
Education Today

Thoughts and ideas about academia, dropouts, and everything in between.

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