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4 min readFeb 24, 2020


This month, we’re proudly launching Emanate Distro: the bridge between Emanate and almost 1 billion streaming users around the world. The revenue is projected to be worth over $5 billion USD in 2020, growing 1000% by 2030.

From Emanate to the World

What is Emanate Distro?

Distribution services today, are mostly the middlemen between the artist, labels and streaming services. In the past, they actually sent physical records, CDs and cassettes out to the records stores. Today the role still exists for digital file and data sharing, quality control, payments and reporting.

Although we think distro will be gone in the future, the importance of this function in the current music industry ecosystem is clear. So we are starting a distribution offering of our own!

It means artists who upload music on Emanate, will also (optionally) push audio and data to all of the below services, with all revenue flowing back into the Emanate ecosystem.

Emanate Distro Footprint

Emanate sends music to Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Tencent, YouTube, Facebook and more. These tech giants, send money back, from their own subscribers and advertisers, into the Emanate ecosystem for our artists and token holders.

Why would anyone chose Emanate Distro?

There are a LOT of alternatives, and the top ten collect about $250 million USD per year. None of the competitors offer the things that Emanate Distro offers, all thanks to our EOSIO integration:

  • Registration of your IP on-chain before release
  • Ability to share revenue, sell a % of rights or transfer them
  • Trustless global, Emanate smart-collaborations
  • Permissionless derivative works
  • Instant cash-out
  • Instant release
  • Artist profile and fan engagement

Why is Emanate adding a distribution service?

Our intention to integrate Emanate with other streaming services was discussed in the whitepaper, we just decided to fast-track it. Payments from Spotify and friends will not be instant, but it’s a step in the right direction to push them all through the Emanate smart-collaborations.

Which of the streaming services will be first to step up and integrate right into the Emanate payment engine and activate their own real-time payments?

In any case, artists will see realtime payments from against their monthly or quarterly payments from everywhere else.

Distro means the Emanate business, and artist payments do not rely solely on building Emanate Music Lover subscribers. Now we draw from the multi-billion dollar global pool of music revenue.

Emanate Distro connects Emanate artists to a world of revenue

What about Publishing?

Music industry revenue is a complicated beast, with money coming from various sources. Emanate is in discussion with music publishers and collection agencies, and soon, Emanate artists will also be able to get paid from these societies and even tap into billions of dollars worth of black box revenues in the future.

Ultimately, we want to see the system streamlined and improved and the best approach is to start making change ourselves, from inside.

Charting the uncharted and unbanked

In-line with the Creative Freedom Pledge, Emanate continues to make the world a better place, especially for unbanked artists. Emanate Distro is by far the most advanced the way for unbanked musicians around the world to get their music on the big streaming services and get paid out in EMT, EOS, ETH or BTC. We can even facilitate publishing and distribution for artists with no access to the internet.

This applies not just to developing countries and marginalized communities, but also to teenagers and libertarians who simply don't want, or don't have, a credit card.

What’s in it for EMT Holders?

Emanate always planned to provision 15% of total revenue to be shared with active EMT holders.

EMT Snapshot from

Last month, we invited our 450+artists to a survey, when asked about the distribution service 70% said they would use Emanate as their primary release platform.

Artists expressed the desire for options, some wanting to pay monthly and to keep the most revenue. Others preferred to share revenue and pay less in fees. In either case, this means more network revenue to be shared with active EMT holders.

Network Rewards have not started yet, but for EMT Holders already get the Emanate Growth Pool rewards with 0.5% bonus every week on staked balances.

In short, more money coming into the Emanate Network, means more going out to active EMT holders.

Emanate Dashboard and Growth Pool

The roll-out plan

Emanate Distro will open this month, with limited space. Places will be given to Pro-Connect subscribers, our most active artists and larger EMT holders who have releases forthcoming.

The pilot program will extend to more artists in the coming months, before opening to all artists by the end of Q2 2020.

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