I will never leave you

Forgive me Father for I’ve done it again.

I’ve allowed myself to be driven into the darkness.

And have lost myself in somebody else’s love.

These emotions I feel are toxic.

I don’t know how to erase them from my heart.

I’d be lying if I said I’m perfect.
Why then do I expect every one around me to be?

Yes, I forgive easily.

Only because it helps me sleep without tossing and turning.

I knew I’d never leave him

From the first time he laid his eyes on me,

I looked away cowardly to conceal what I felt.

Although they call them butterflies,

I think it’s the fear of the unknown.

How could I have known he’d be this good to me?
But is he good for me?

Without my innocence is my soul still worth anything?

Please tell me you understand what I’m feeling.

Can I be an open book for your reading?

He said I’ll never you

Right then I knew where I belonged.

Right by his side through the mountains high and the valley lows.

Writing my wrongs on piece of paper and sending them out to the sea.

He makes me want to be a better person, do better.

That’s can’t be such a bad thing!

I believe in him although I’m not sure he knows it.

I trust him even though everything inside me is screaming that I shouldn’t.

I want to love him, but some days he won’t let me.

He hides his face with his hands as I did the 1st time I met him.

If everything happens for a reason,

Why does he make me this sad?

But then again…

How did he come into my life for two seconds and make me feel this good?

His smiles erases all my past pain and mistakes.

His laugh brings me closer to the joy in heaven.

Now Father forgive me for I lie…

To everyone but him.

That gives me hope that I can be an honest person.

And for that reason and a million more…

I’ll cry if he disappoints me.

And forgive him every time he says sorry.

I’ll hold him closer than the teddy bear I had when I was four years old.

And make him lunch when he’s hungry.