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The Mental Game

The importance of Team USA’s mindset going in

Numerous professional columns and blogs — and at the invitation of ESPN, YanksAbroad, and other websites dedicated to soccer afficionados, countless amateurs — have spoken to the US team’s chances of advancement out of one of the toughest World Cup group stages ever this summer, but few have addressed the…

The Brazilians Watching at Home

Why Philippe Coutinho and Miranda should be playing for the hosts this summer.

Every World Cup cycle brings with it a cast of roster snubs, and the 2014 Brazil tournament is no exception. The glut of talent that some countries possess at certain positions (Argentina at striker, England at left back, Spain everywhere) ensures…

My Father is My Most Unforgettable World Cup Memory.

How I learned that a grown man can in fact cry, but only once every 4 years or so.

Is Champions League a Truer Test of the Best in Soccer Than World Cup?

When talks of this magnitude take place, divisive arguments seldom take the backseat. Two of the biggest…

The Truest Test

A Case for the Champions League

The Golden Team of 1950's Hungary. The total football of 1970's Netherlands. The creative brilliance of 1982 Brazil. These teams produced some of the best soccer the world has ever seen. And yet, the World Cup belongs to none of them.

The World Cup is the grandest and yet cruelest spectacle in global…

Why the World Cup Matters

Just go to the playground at recess

Head to the playground at LeConte Elementary school around 10:00, and you’ll see some of the most exciting football money can’t buy. Situated down the road, but a world away from the world class halls of the University of California at Berkeley, LeConte is absurdly diverse, and this is the greatest asset…

Breaking the Streak

Why Germany will be the first European side to win in South America

On June 12th thirty two teams will meet in Brazil to determine who is…

The Soccer Match That Should Have Never Been Played

How Chile qualified for the 1974 World Cup in the midst of a military coup and the Cold War

Our Pain is Our Glory — Bosnia’s Story

Bosnia’s World Cup Journey

As the celebrations carried into the night in Sarajevo, chants of “Vi ste, vi ste, ponos nacije,”…

Twelve steps

How a penalty kick put Uruguay back again in World Cup miracle making history.

I look at the television in disbelief. I can’t move. It takes my…

The USA winning the World Cup?

It is possible, but we’ll need a LeBron.

Count me in the group who believes that we’ll see the United States hoist the coveted World Cup trophy in my lifetime. Unfortunately, this will only happen if (and when) a LeBron-like figure enters the sport. Sadly, young athletes growing up in America know where the money lies: football…

A love affair

The World Cup. And me.

It all started with a single word.


Why the World Cup Matters

Marcos Senna — New York Cosmos

Why do you love the World Cup?

Four Minutes to Glory

A miraculous feat by the Colombian national soccer team

I will never forget the day Colombia played against West Germany in the last game…

The World Cup matters, but Brazil is the last place in the world that should host it.

Brazilians can blame it on FIFA all they want, but it’s really Brazil’s own…

A Summer Night, 1982  

Where I return, every four years

The year is 1982, I am 11 years old. I’m living in downtown Tampere, Finland, with my mother and older sister. I don’t quite recall how exactly I’ve learned to get enthusiastic about football. We live in a block of flats, but there is this backyard with a small grass field, where, when I was probably something…

Why The Final Match Doesn’t Matter

But the World Cup Does

It’s evening in Galway Ireland. At long last, the world cup final is here. My friends and I arrive at the…

11 meters of tears 

Penalty kicks

Italy is a strange country, football mad and quite good at playing it but afraid of losing even when playing against S. Marino (no…

Why I Love The Beautiful Game

Spoiler Alert: Global Community

Because I’ve learned to love the beautiful game, I have friends in almost every continent on the globe…

Celebrations in Fes

When the Club World Cup feels like the real World Cup

It had already gone into the books as a city of noise, a place where one din or another…

ESPN FC Editors’ Picks
ESPN FC Editors’ Picks

Best of the ESPN FC World Cup Collection

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