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Why the World Cup Matters

The World Cup is sociology by other means. It tells us the most about ourselves as members of groups.

If Results Hold

But will they?

In the ‘round-robin’ group stage of the World Cup, the top two teams in each group of four advance to the knockout rounds of the tournament…

In His Defense

Kyle Beckerman is quietly anchoring the heart of America’s defense

Jermaine Jones is having a moment. Michael Bradley is also having a moment…

Mexico vs the Netherlands

So, we meet again…

“History is written by the victors”, but seldom losers have more fun; especially in sports, when there is nothing to lose and so much to win.


Memory is a strange place. Sometimes it takes a scent to remember a loved one, some others you spend the whole night before an exam…

Why I don’t Support England (or Anyone Else) at World Cups

At least an attempted explanation

A little preface: In a completely separate discussion about

On Closer Examination: Hero Ball

Argentina’s World Cup dream begins and ends with Lionel Messi

Breakdown and analysis of particular plays happening during the 2014 World Cup.

I don’t know what Iran’s manager, Carlos Quieroz, exactly told his team to do on defense, but I’m hoping instead of simulating the Argentinian attack during training…

Dear World, I’m Not That Big A Deal

The Worldly Cup

It can be a little overwhelming. Every four years two billion people watch nations compete for me with no-holds…


Check out our in-depth analysis of the World Cup surprises so far

The first round of games are in the books, and boy have there been some surprises! This…

Spain: Waxing nostalgic

as I have only good things for La Furia Roja

Remarkable would be understating. We loved them. Some loathe to accept it, some simply too…

On Closer Examination: Space Invaders

You can attack with the ball and you can attack without it.

Breakdown and analysis of particular plays happening during the 2014 World Cup.

Soccer has a term for losing complete sight of the player you are supposed to be marking, it’s called “ball watching,” and it’s often the leading cause of those…


Why the Domestic League Matters

Winning the World Cup is the pinnacle of international soccer; it is what every fan of the U.S. Men’s National Team wants to see happen in their lifetime. Some would say, however, that the MLS is a roadblock to that end goal; that with it, we will never be able to bring home the World Cup. The main argument against the MLS is the…

Robben & Van Persie save the World Cup

5pa1n helps us forget Fred and Pitbull. 

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen something like this, a match at the World…

A Grief-Fest For The Ages

A modest proposal for those of us who suffer so: THE LEFTOVER CUP

THE LEFTOVER CUP: a tournament of grief

Preview 4: Gatecrashers & Filler

Part of the Fan’s Guide to World Cup 2014

The Gatecrashers


Belgium, France and Chile: Underestimate Them At Your Peril

Each side has the capacity to upset the odds in Brazil.

Five Pivotal Group Games

Amidst the opening matches, a quintet of ties stand out from the crowd.

With just over twenty-four hours to go before the opening…

A World Cup Preview for the American Sports Fan

Only follow soccer once every four years? No problem. Here is everything you need to know. 

Can the three lions’ get over the Wazza factor

Although the English league is considered to be one of the most exciting leagues in the whole world, the national team has never lived up…

World Cup Fever

The Digital Survivor Kit

I’ve been waiting for 4 years for the following 4 weeks. My team is en route to Brazil (hopefully yours is too), my Panini…

World Cup Wonderkids

Aside from the obvious candidates, an array of emerging stars possess the talent to make their mark in 2014.

Preview 2: Hipsters and Disappointments

Part of the Fan’s Guide to World Cup 2014

Hipsters’ Choice


Dreaming of Brazil

Musings of a Young Man Headed to Manaus

As I finish the preparations for my trip to Brazil, I dream of the excitement, the passion, the stories…of…

On Closer Examination: Brace for Brazil

Jozy Altidore’s tap-in and strike

My breakdown and analysis of particular plays leading up to and happening during the 2014 World Cup.

That noise you probably heard Saturday afternoon was the collective sigh of relief of US soccer fans across the country. Jozy Altidore had just ended his 6 month scoring…

Preview 3: The Loveable and the Indifferent

Part of the Fan’s Guide to World Cup 2014

The Loveable


Fútbol, Not Football

Why America Will Win the World Cup in 2022

In order for the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) to win the World Cup, a drastic shift in fan…

ESPN FC World Cup Stories
ESPN FC World Cup Stories

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